Noble Prentis Elementary School

School Highlights 2016 - 2017

  • Ambassador Assemblies: Students are recognized monthly for their achievement, attendance and citizenship through our Character+ program. These Noble Prentis Ambassadors represented the school well.
  • Awards Ceremonies:  Students were recognized each quarter for academic excellence, most improvement, and other special recognitions.  Parents were also invited to celebrate students’ progress.
  • Back Snack Program: In collaboration with Harvester's, the Back Snack Program was available to our students.
  • Battle of the Books:  A 4th and 5th grade team of students represented Noble Prentis in the district Literacy Festival.   
  • Birthday Books:   The National Council of Jewish Women sponsor birthday books for every student in the building. They receive a bag with a book and some prizes to celebrate!
  • Career Day/Careers on Wheels:   Members of the community were invited to share info about their careers with 3-5th graders. K-2nd had an opportunity to see various careers on wheels like firetrucks, construction, BPU trucks, railroad police and an awesome party bus from a limousine service. 
  • Carnival:   Our PTA carnival was postponed due to weather.  However, plans are underway for a back to school carnival in September.   
  • Chess Club:    Students met weekly to learn chess skills and practice chess as a team.
  • Community Dinner:  through support from Blue Valley Northwest, Noble Prentis hosted over 500 parents, family members and students for our 4th annual Community Dinner at Harmon High School.
  • Counselor Groups:  Mrs. Alexander met with various students discussing a number of topics. Often they would meet during lunch to chat.
  • Culture and Climate Committee: worked on improving the climate and culture of Noble Prentis.
  • Donuts with Dads-  PTA brought dads in to have donuts with their kids in the cafeteria for breakfast!
  • Family Advocacy System: We value the importance of involving everyone in our school community to better engage students. We promoted continuous communication with parents through newsletters, conferences and phone calls. Noble Prentis even has a website (
  • Father Daughter Dance:   Dads danced the night away with their daughters for a wonderful night of fun!
  • Field Day:  Field day was held in May.  Teams included students from each grade level K-5 and were led by a 5th grade captain.  Teachers and parents manned each station, where the students utilized their athletic abilities to cooperatively complete the task.
  • Field trips:    Teachers received various scholarships to attend various field trips this year:   Deanna Rose, KC Zoo, Schlagle Library, Kaleidoscope, Mahaffie Stage Coach, Nelson Art Gallery, etc.
  • Fifth Grade Celebration:  5th graders were recognized in May for their hard work and progression through Noble Prentis to become successful middle school students.
  • Fish Tank:  Students created a goal with activities money at the beginning of the school year to have a fish tank for decoration, calmness, and for responsibility. PTA made it possible, and Marsha Malagarie has been our official “fish lady” since the beginning!
  • Garden Club:   Mrs. Dalton worked with the Rosedale Development folks to help our students understand how to grow food and eat healthy!
  • Girls on the Run:    Our young ladies participated in weekly training with staff coaches. They ran their practice 5K on the streets surrounding Noble Prentis.
  • Grandparents Breakfast:  Grandparents came in to share some victuals with their grandkids on a special morning.
  • Harvester’s Back Snacks:  Lead by PTA (Kristen Yoder)- Backsnacks were distributed to students in need for food over the weekend. Thanks Mrs. Yoder for all you did to make this successful!
  • Math Relays:  A 5th grade team of students represented Noble Prentis in the district Math Relay competition.
  • Morning Announcements:  Two students participated in am announcements daily; leading the school in the pledge of allegiance and the school’s vision statement.  The pledge was also recited in Spanish on Fridays.  Birthdays and Pats on the Back were also celebrated.
  • Mother’s Day Jewelry:  The National Council of Jewish Women provided mother’s day jewelry for all of the students to pick out and take home for their mom’s and significant female family members in May.
  • Movies with Moms:   Moms and their sons spent a fun night watching a fun movie and shared good times.
  • Newspaper Club:   Ms. Harvey and students created a phenomenal newspaper for staff and parents to read.
  • NESTS:   Students were divided into small groups where every staff member met with them once a month. They were a mixed group of students, including Kindergarten through 5th grade. They celebrated and collaborated on Character traits every month and performed lessons, watched and listened to books, etc.
  • PATS on the BACK:  Teachers awarded Pats on the Back to students for being great role models, ‘doing the right things,’ and for being helpful/kind to others.  Notes went home to parents AND announced on the morning announcements.
  • PTA:  PTA did some wonderful things this year, including, holiday celebrations, providing school supplies, and t-shirts for students as well as providing lunch/snacks for staff. 
  • Recyclers:  Students in 5th grade routinely recycled paper and other products in the building to keep our environment cleaner and safer.
  • Safety Patrol:  Mrs. Alexander created Safety Patrol so that older students can help at dismissal, in the morning, and at other places in the building to keep our students safe!
  • Student Music Programs: Each year students have the opportunity to share their musical expertise through strings in 4th and 5th grades.
  • School Student Improvement Team: The School Improvement Team (SIT Team) met regularly to discuss student needs (behavioral and academic), classroom interventions and the impact of those interventions.
  • Silver City Day Parade:  Noble Prentis had a record number of students and parents participate this year..
  • Talent Show:    Students auditioned for the opportunity to perform on the last day of school.
  • The United Way: The staff and students of Noble Prentis Elementary surpassed their goal of raising $500 for the United Way;
  • Walking School Bus:   Staff, parents and community members walked students to school every Friday when the weather was good in order to save the environment and get some much needed exercise!
  • Young Leaders of Tomorrow:  YLOT planned and raised money to acquire more games for indoor recess. Their project was presented to the district.

Noble Prentis Vision Statement

OUR VISION is to inspire excellence by focusing on student success, uniting as a community to promote self-sufficiency and lifelong learning.

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