Parker Elementary School

School Highlights 2017 - 2018

  • Parker Pride - Students participated in short term and long term incentive programs where they earned Bulldog Bucks to purchase small items as well as participate in school wide incentive trips and activities.
  • Character Plus - Students learned about a character trait each month through weekly meetings with the counselors that were supported by teachers throughout the building.  Students learned about cooperation, responsibility, compassion, empathy, gratitude, respect, perseverance, ambition, courage, integrity, patience and citizenship.
  • Family Activities- Dance, Kindness Project and Walk, Career Share, Movie Night...
  • On-going Staff Development - Staff participated in professional development activities that included a continued study of reader development, study of teaching writing through Writer’s Workshop and continued work with the Marzano effective elements of instruction.  This year, the staff used mentor texts and genre studies to enhance student’s writing. We also focused on increasing Reading achievement and creating an overall positive culture for the building.
  • Reach the Stars - Parker Elementary school Counselor developed this new program which connected our students to outside guests which came in to talk to our students about their careers and their pathways toward reading their goals in life.
  • TALL Program - The Kansas City Kansas Police Department in connection with the Kansas City Kansas School District Police Department combined forces to share their love of Literacy with our students. Once a month the officers came in and read a book with our students and talked about the connections the books had to our Character Traits as well as everyday life.
  • Young Leaders - This year Parker’s Young Leaders of Tomorrow Group consisted of 4th and 5th grade students who worked together and created blankets for area children’s hospitals.
  • Outdoor Library is open to the community where they can come take a book, leave a book or just sit and enjoy a book at our picnic table.
  • Student Council - This year Student Council included 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students who worked closely with the Young Leaders group in a variety of events to spread school spirit, raise money and support the growth of student involvement at Parker. Additionally, the council purchased 2 additional picnic tables so that classes and lunch could be held outside.
  • Community Garden - Student Council and Young Leaders combined forces once again with the support of our school Nurse to create a small community garden which hosts 4 raised beds of veggies. The gardens are cared for by the student groups.
  • Parker News Network - this year students operated PNN, our very own news network. Students reported on school happenings, city and nationwide current events, weather and sports. These can be viewed on our website.
  • College and Career Visits - students had several opportunities to visit area colleges including UMKC and University of Kansas as well as Visiting a Culinary Institute. Other field trips included Starbase, an Ice Hockey Game, several plays, Deanna Rose Farmstead and Wyandotte County Lake
  • Martial Arts - 20 students participated in Martial Arts this year, hosted by area Self Defense Global, Inc. Students earned their Yellow Belts before the sessions ended for the year.
  • Kids in the Kitchen - led by our school nurse, students cooked and tasted a variety of food.

Parker's Mission Statement

Parker Elementary will academically, emotionally and socially move children and adults toward becoming successful learners.

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