Quindaro Elementary School

School Highlights 2017 - 2018

  • Back Snack Ambassadors- These students are responsible for delivering snack packs to each classroom every Friday.
  • Carnival-Quindaro Annual Carnival is a time for parent/family/community involvement.  Families enjoy lots of fun, food, games, and prizes.
  • Character Awards Assembly-Every quarter students are recognized for their increased student achievement, efforts, attendance, and outstanding behavior.
  • Character Plus Banquet- Quindaro had its third Character plus banquet for any student and staff member who exhibited one of the character traits outlined by the District’s Code of Conduct.
  • Church of Resurrection- COR has partnered with Quindaro Elementary School for several years. During which time, they have provided the following: weekly backpacks for students, Bed’s Ministry, Car Ministry, Book Mobile, MAP/KAP incentive toy store.  The COR volunteers for various school activities and events throughout the school year.  This year the COR was able to provide free field trips to Prairie Fire Museum and KU Campus Tour.
  • Family Events- Families are given an opportunity to learn about standards, how to support students with homework, game nights and more. The music programs allow students to display their talents and gifts.
  • Fall Festival, Trunk or Treat- Students at Quindaro dress in jeans, trick or treat inside the school, and in the trunk of COR volunteer’s cars.
  • Fifth Grade Graduation- Families to experience a culmination of academic success with their child and the school.
  • Happy Bear-Presentation to Kindergarten, First and Second grade students by Sunflower House to teach students good and bad touch and the importance of telling when someone touches in a bad way or makes you feel uncomfortable. 
  • Health (Church of Resurrection, Score 1, School Nurse)- These organizations provided free health programs to elementary-aged children. The goal is for each child to learn, grow and develop healthy eating habits, dental care and eye care, and daily health care of the body.  
  • Million Page Read Ambassador -Students of Quindaro collect data on the number of pages read by students and staff every week. These students are responsible for displaying this data by grade level on a hallway bulletin board.  At the end of the year, the entire schools celebrate their success with a school-wide picnic, games, and a special treat from the principal- Dilly Bars from Diary Queen. 
  • Open House-An Open House is offered for parents and students at the start of the school year to provide an opportunity to meet staff, find their classroom and to meet their child’s teacher, and drop off any school supplies.
  • Prince Hall Masonry/Order of Eastern Star- Volunteer to pass out treats throughout the school year to primary students.
  • Quindaro Peace Run- Every April our track coach puts together our annual Quindaro Peace Run. The volunteers from Sigma Gamma Rho and Washington High School’s track team come to Quindaro to provide support, pass out drinks, and run the course with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. This year students were able to ask and answer questions about being student athletes and enjoy a smoothe from our grant received by our PE teacher.  Mr. Harrison, a new volunteer engage students in tennis lessons while grades Kinder, 1st, and 2nd participate in run, jump, and throw. 
  • Safety Patrols- These students are selected to help escort students to and from class. Monitor various post before and after school.  These students believe in keeping students safe and orderly.
  • Spirit Week- Spirit week is given to students and staff to celebrate the completion of District Assessments and State Assessments.
  • Student Agendas/Folders-These important tools were provided to every student to communicate with parents along with providing children management skills.  Students are responsible for recording their daily assignments and homework. 
  • Student Council-Elections are conducted each year for student council.  Students make speeches to hold office of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer; representatives are also selected per grade level.
  • Talent Show- Students and staff display their talents and gifts in front of parents and students.
  • Yearbook Club- For the past three years, Quindaro yearbook club has been implemented. Staff and students work together to capture moments of staff and students working together during instructional time, events, activities, and programs.  These memories are forever.
  • YLOT- Young Leaders of Tomorrow is a service group who develops projects for the school to work on to reach a common goal- to help someone or something in the community.

Wildcat Expectations:

  • I will be respectful to myself, my peers, and adults
  • I will be peaceful in my words and actions
  • I will be a reader and a learner everyday
  • I will be responsible

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