T. A. Edison. Elementary School

School Highlights 2016 - 2017

  • Back Snack Program: In collaboration with Harvester's, the Back Snack Program was available to our students.
  • Family Advocacy System: We value the importance of involving everyone in our school community to better engage students. We promoted continuous communication with parents through newsletters, conferences and phone calls. During the 2016-2017 school year, teachers reported over 93% participation in Family Advocacy meetings.
  • Family Involvement Nights: Our school hosted evening events that provided families the opportunity to participate in school activities in a fun setting. We celebrated the New Year in January with a Wii Dance night, Santa came to visit in December and live animals were roaming the halls in April.
  • Field Day: Field day was held in May.  Teams included students from each grade level K-5 and were led by 5th grade captains.  Teachers and parents manned each station, where the students utilized their athletic abilities to cooperatively complete the task.
  • Literacy Festival:  A 4th and 5th grade team of students represented TA Edison in the district Literacy Festival competition.  Our TA Edison team came in 2nd place this year!!
  • Math Relays: A 4th and 5th grade team of students represented TA Edison in the district Math Relay competition. 
  • Pop Tabs: Sponsored by the Young Leaders of Tomorrow, the student body collected over 70 lbs of Pop Tabs to be donated to the Ronald McDonald House charity.
  • Starbase: In collaboration with the National Guard Armoury, fourth grade students participated in a 5-day experience (spread out over 5 weeks) where they learned scientific concepts having to do with flight. This culminated in shooting off a rocket built by the student.
  • Student Music Programs: Each year students have the opportunity to share their musical expertise. An evening program was held for 1st and 2nd graders and their families. Kindergarten and 5th graders performed at their end of the year celebrations.  The 5th graders even shared their ukulele skills during their promotion celebration!  3rd graders performed during the school day for their families and the student body during the holidays.  The 4th graders performed in an opera performance sponsored by the Lyric Opera.
  • Quarterly Awards: Students are recognized quarterly for their achievement, attendance and citizenship.
  • The School Improvement Team: The School Improvement Team (SIT Team) met regularly to discuss student needs (behavioural and academic), classroom interventions and the impact of those interventions.
  • The Student Council: The Student Council was a leadership opportunity for students. The Student Council promoted all school activities to allow students to celebrate their school pride. The Student Council supported various community service projects.
  • The United Way: The students of TA Edison Elementary surpassed their goal of raising $1000 for the United Way.
  • Tutoring and Book Club: Students in grades K-5 participated in after school tutoring in the areas of reading and math. After school Book Club offered students the opportunity to enrich their comprehension strategies and higher level thinking skills.
  • Young Leaders of Tomorrow:  4th and 5th grade students have the opportunity to write a reflective response on leadership.  Upon district selection, these students collaborate throughout the year to accomplish school and/or community based projects.        

T. A. Edison's Mission Statement

Together we will create a safe, caring and academically driven environment where high expectations create successful learners.

Vision Statement

T.A. Edison students will be academically prepared, respectful, self-sufficient, contributing citizens of their community.

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