Welborn Elementary School

School Highlights 2017 - 2018

Welborn Elementary adopted a racing theme that encouraged our students to aim high and know there are “no limits” to what they can achieve. Here are a few highlights from the school year:

  • Donuts for Dads was held on September 27th and Muffins for Moms was held on May 16th. Many fathers, uncles, brothers, mom, aunts, sisters and grandparents came to have donuts and muffins with their child.
  • Culture Walk on March 1st gave families an opportunity to participate in learning about various cultures that represented the families at Welborn. Students displayed presentation boards that shared important facts and set up display tables with authentic pieces from each culture. Parents were invited to bring food dishes for our grazing table.
  • Spooktacular Night on October 26th was fun for Welborn families as they rotated between stations and met Sue Gallion, the author of the book, Pug and Pig Trick or Treat.
  • PTA hosted a Spring Sock Hop on April 19th where there were photo-ops, gift give-aways and plenty of dancing and games for families.
  • Career Day on May 9th gave students the opportunity to engage with at least 20 different professions ranging from police officer to new anchor.
  • Excellent Eagles, who are nominated monthly by teachers and students, went to Skate City, Urban Air, drove a go-cart, and had an end-of-the year Ice Cream and Splash Party.
  • We host quarterly Awards Assemblies for students in celebration of academics, attendance, and character.

Be a Welborn STAR!

We are…

Safe. I make sure the things I say and do will not hurt myself or others.

Truthful. I tell the truth to adults and students. I am honest with myself.

Accountable. I do my best. I accept responsibility for my words and actions.

Respectful. I show respect to adults and students at school. I understand that the adults at school are in charge.

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