Welborn Elementary School

School Highlights 2015 - 2016

  • “Bless The School” – Purchased and installed Smart boards in every classroom.  Weekly food snack backpacks were provided for students, weekly celebrations for reading accomplishments and support for students making gains on various formative assessments. Toy Store was implemented and available as an incentive to students who met their MAP growth goal.
  • “Bully Free School” was implemented at Welborn during the 2013-2013-4 school year where students learned how to be fight free and bully free.  Bully report forms were made available to all students.  Bully rules are:  We will not bully others, we will try to help students who are bullied, we will make it a point to include students who are easily left out, if we know someone is being bullied we tell an adult at school and at home; at Welborn we use the “bully box” to report bullying.
  • Welborn Star Students- Students who demonstrated model student behavior were chosen by their teachers and celebrated every week and month.
  • S.T.A.R. Student Matrix- Star students are Safe, Truthful, Accountable, and Respectful.
  • Vertical Teaming- spin off of Star Student.
  • Data notebooks- Every student has a data notebook which highlights their growth in reading, math, writing, and behavior.
  •  “Malone’s Magnificent Readers” were celebrated weekly with the help of volunteers from Church of the Resurrection. Students who turned in a reading log were honored every Friday during the school year.
  • “Family Fun Night” was incorporated every first Thursday of the month to help families and staff comes together with academic and social activities to assist students to reach their full potentials.  Family Fun Night included Literacy Night, Math Night, Science Night, and Bully Night.
  • Student Council was elected and implemented to support the school culture for grades 3-5.
  • “BIST (Behavior Intervention Support Team)” was implemented for all grade levels grades K-5 to help students to be successful both academically and behaviorally.  This program is designed to give students responsibility and accountability while allowing teachers to give grace to students who could potentially be in trouble.
  • Students continue to walk in SAMS (Straight line, Arms folded, and Mouths are off).
  • “A two hour Literacy Block” with detailed Literacy Plan was implemented for grades K-5 including classroom libraries, differentiated instruction, and learning groups and Writer’s Workshop.
  • Welborn implemented an additional 30 minutes per day to Community Reading which occurs during arrival and dismissal each day.
  • Adopted Welborn STAR theme in May 2016.

Be a Welborn STAR!

We are…

Safe. I make sure the things I say and do will not hurt myself or others.

Truthful. I tell the truth to adults and students. I am honest with myself.

Accountable. I do my best. I accept responsibility for my words and actions.

Respectful. I show respect to adults and students at school. I understand that the adults at school are in charge.

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