White Church Elementary School

School Highlights 2016 - 2017

  • White Church Elementary has a dedicated, caring and involved staff, parents, and community. This allowed White Church to offer a quality educational program for all students.
  • Students and staff rallied together to raise over $1,200 for United Way.
  • 5th grade students and our YLOT made a Living Wax Museum and raised over $800 that was donated to buying toys, books and clothes for children at Children’s Mercy Hospital. 
  • Primary students made their annual trip to a community nursing home. They took some gifts for the residents and performed Halloween songs.
  • We had monthly character traits that we focused on as an entire building.  Class meetings and PRIDE group meetings were held to work on those traits and culminated in an all school assembly with special presentations and guest speakers. 
  • We had several before and after school clubs that met including Tae Kwon-Do, Honor Choir, Good News Club, Running Club, and Young Leaders of Tomorrow.
  • YLOT led a canned food drive in October and all the food items were donated to Bethel Community Center. 
  • During the year families were invited to participate in many activities, some just for friendship and some for educational purposes. Each grade participated in at least one musical performance this year. Family Advocacy Days were held where parents meet with their child's teacher about their child's specific needs. We held several assemblies that allowed students to gain insight into various cultural and social areas.  We also had several Positive Reward parties such as an outdoor picnic, a candy cane tree, the Halloween Cauldron, a special visit from Santa and a Talent Show.
  • White Church provided quality instruction through the use of Balanced Literacy, Math Investigations, Integrated Thematic Units and small flexible groups to provide diverse opportunities for students to learn.
  • PAWS (Parents at Work in Schools) helped sponsor several events such as Skating Parties, School Carnival, classroom parties, Moms and Muffins, Dads and Donuts and Great Wolf Lodge.

White Church's Mission Statement

To develop life-long learners, problem solvers and appropriate decision makers

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