William A. White Elementary School

School Highlights 2017 - 2018

Mission: Inspiring Excellence: Every Grownup, Every Child, Every Day.

Vision: Striving to Become One of the Top 10 School Districts in the Nation.

W.A. White aims to empower students to become problem-solving individuals who will be academically successful in middle and high school and be college and career ready.

Motto: William Allen White, Preparing Students for Success in a Changing World.

W.A. White believes in building strong relationships with students, staff, parents and community by providing programs to meet the educational needs of all provided. We take pride in having the following programs active in our school throughout the school year:

  • Student Council- Students in the intermediate grades 3rd, 4th, and 5th are elected leaders that sponsor student activities that support our whole community of learners. They develop academic goals to strengthen student achievement.
  • Safety Patrol- This group was made up of selected fifth grade students who demonstrate leadership as well as good citizenship and are trained to help enforce hallway and dismissal rules at the end of each day.
  • Young Leaders of Tomorrow- Fourth and Fifth grade students who are selected and work  one on one with the school counselor to plan, develop, and implement a service project based on the school’s needs. They attend district level meetings and present their project to the school and Student Services.
  • Family Math and Reading Nights- Families and students are invited to learn multiple ways to practice Reading and Math skills. Strategies are taught by Staff members while playing reading and math games. Projects are modeled while interacting with parents and students.
  • Multi-Culture Celebration- Each class and special support areas showcased academic learning and activities across all cultures represented in the school. Parents, friends, and community members are invited to view projects and student work and participate in the program with students and staff.
  • W. A. White Assessment Awards- Recognition is given for students’ academic accomplishments throughout the school year. Students are recognized and praised for effort on reaching on grade level goals or college and career ready goals.
  • Behavioral Celebrations- Students are recognized for demonstrating personal code and positive character traits that are connected to our district’s Code of Conduct.
  • Good News Club- An afterschool class offered every Monday by a community church. It includes dynamic Bible lessons, creative learning activities, inspiring missionary stories, and life changing scripture memory. It teachers Christian life lessons to be applied in everyday pressures of life.
  • Score 1 for Health- Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences connected with the Deron Cherry Foundation. Score 1 consist of Health and Dental studies and screening for all students.
  • PE4Life and Body Venture- Supports Healthier Generations by having P.E. twice a week. Students participates in various exercises that teachers them healthier life skills by exercising and eating healthier. Art, Music and Library staff helps support this program.
  • Parent Teacher Association- This program promoted parent and student community involvement with the school. It fosters positive relationships with the school and home. PTA help supports bi-monthly skating parties, holiday parties, kindergarten and fifth grade graduation and behavioral celebrations.
  • Foster Grandparents- This group is connected with Catholic Charities where as volunteers come in daily and offer support for teachers and students. They listen to students read which helps increase fluency.
  • Grand Parent Day Celebration Luncheon- Students invite their grandparents to visit their classrooms and have lunch with them. A special lunch is catered for grandparents. Students write special essays expressing why their grandparents are important to them. Essays are posted in the hallways.
  • UMKC Aspiring Teachers- This group consist of college students who are majoring in education. They are juniors in college doing an intern with our teachers. They support classroom teachers and students while aiming for academic achievement.
  • Yearly Productions led by the Music teacher Donna Johnson- Students audition for the musical “Seussical” and put on the production for two day during the spring semester. The next musical that is scheduled for the 2017-2018 school year is School House Rock.
  • Kaboom Playground Grant-WAW is happy to receive playground equipment that will be built July 14 & 15, 2017 from Kaboom based on a grant written by teachers, and students of Young Leaders of Tomorrow. Students will now have playground equipment to play on. Thanks also to our PTA for helping make this dream come true.
  • Gear Up for Success in S.T.E.M. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics summer camp during the month of June, 2017. Students have an opportunity to learn through exploration, experiments, and projects.

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