Lindbergh Elementary School

Uniform Policy

Khaki, navy, or black pants or shorts (to knee), fitting snug at the waist

Belts required if pants do not fit snug at the waist. 

(Girls may also wear skirts, capris, or jumpers.)

Plain* blue, black, or white collared shirt (short or long sleeves)

  * Plain means solid-colored with no visible designer labels, marks, emblems, logos

All Lindbergh t-shirts will be acceptable any day of the week.

Rationale for School Uniform Policy

Uniforms will eliminate discipline problems due to dress code violations (baggy, saggy pants; no belts; inappropriate logos on shirts; short/shirts that are too revealing).

Uniforms will help eliminate problems related to socio-economic differences as seen in students' clothing.

Uniforms will help eliminate bullying due to differences in appearance.

Uniforms will help provide an environment conducive to learning and free from distractions caused by clothing issues.

Uniforms help students to develop a sense of pride and "professionalism" related to their job as learners, thereby increasing student achievement.