McKinley Elementary School

Uniform Policy


Statement of Purpose

Uniform school wear policies have the potential to create an environment in which students bridge socioeconomic differences, reduce discipline problems, improve self respect and self esteem, promote good behavior, increase attendance, and improve safety and importantly, enhance learning.
Dress for Success Policy:
A mandatory uniform school wear code will be effective for students, Kindergarten through fifth grade, beginning with the 2007 – 2008 school year.

Description of Uniforms


  • Colors: White, Navy Blue and Black
  • Tops may not be sleeveless
  • Shirts must be polo style or turtlenecks in the above colors
  • Shirts must not have any lettering, logos, labels, pictures or designs unless it is the approved school logo
  • Shirts must fit properly and be tucked in at all times
  • Students may wear sweaters, cardigan vests or sweatshirts in the above colors
  • School logo t-shirts


  • Colors: Navy Blue, Black or Khaki – jeans, sweatpants and sport pants are not acceptable
  • Styles: Slacks, shorts (must be knee length), skirts (knee length or longer), skorts, Capri's, and jumpers
  • Slacks, shorts and skirts must fit properly (no sagging or bagging


Dress Requirements

  • No "headwear" is to be worn, unless approved for religious reasons
  • Clothing must properly cover the body and undergarments
  • Pants must fit properly and snugly at the waist
  • Tube tops, halter tops, tank tops, bare midriffs and clothing worn in a revealing manner will not be permitted
  • Students may not wear coats, jackets, or other outerwear in class.
  • Articles related to gangs or gang activities such as jewelry, emblems, symbols, or other related items, or evidence of membership is prohibited


Non-Compliance Consequences

  • Sanctions that apply to those students who refuse to conform to the School Wear Policy.
  • The student will be brought to the Principal's office
  • Parents will immediately be notified of the problem and asked to bring appropriate dress to school
  • The student will be required to wear loaner school wear until the appropriate clothing is brought to school
  • Parents will have the option to apply for a school wear voucher if the situation has to do with financial burden


Uniform Survey Procedures

  • Three parent information meetings were held. During the parent information meetings the results of our research on the implementation of school wear was discussed, as was the current District Policy regarding school wear. Discussion among the participants was held. Questions regarding the implementation of school wear were answered. At the end of the meeting, parents were given ballots on which to express their opinions. Each meeting format was the same
  • After the last parent meeting, notes were sent to every family giving everyone who had not attended a meeting an opportunity to vote
  • All notes that were sent home to families (announcing the parent meetings, and the actual ballot itself) were written in Spanish as well as English
  • A translator attended all three parent meetings to assist Spanish speaking families


Parent Survey Results

  • 82% of the families returning surveys were in support of school wear
  • 16% (12 votes) expressed disagreement with school wear
  • 1 family voted undecided
  • Approximately 65% of McKinley families participated in the survey


Supporting Research Results

The Advantage Press newsletter (dated 06.04) reports that according to the U.S. Department of Education, "a safe and disciplined learning environment is the first requirement of a good school". The newsletter goes on to add that students that are learning basic values and the essentials of good citizenship; and who are safe and secure, are better students. Many educational advocates are coming to see that the use of school uniforms is one positive and creative way to reduce discipline problems and increase school safety. Though this adoption of school uniforms is implemented to improve school safety; other potential benefits of school uniforms are emerging. These other benefits include; instilling students with discipline, helping students resist peer pressure, helping students concentrate on their school work and enhancing the learning environment. Therefore placing emphasis on what school is about – giving students the opportunity to learn and teachers the opportunity to teach.