W. A. White Elementary School — Uniform Policy



  • Colors: Solid white, navy blue, or black only
  • Tops must have sleeves (ranging from short cap sleeves to full wrist-length)
  • Style: POLO, long sleeve or short sleeve or dress shirts
  • Shirts must fit the student and be worn tucked in — oversized clothing will not be acceptable!
  • Students may wear sweaters, crew neck, v-neck, or sweatshirts when worn with a polo shirt during cold weather. (The sweater or sweatshirt MUST comply with the solid colors noted above in cold weather).



Solid khaki, navy blue or black (NO blue jeans, no sweat or sport pants)


Slacks (NO cargo pants allowed), shorts (during hot weather August-Sept. and April-May), skirts, skorts, and jumpers (girls may wear socks, tights or leggings may be worn with these styles but not in place of them)

Styles must fit at the waist (NO SAGGING or BAGGING) and hems must not drag on the ground. A belt must be worn when necessary.

Hems on shorts, skorts, and skirts must be no shorter than mid-thigh when the student is standing up straight with his/her arm at side — the hem must be at or below the fingertips.

Friday is SPIRIT DAY. School Tee-Shirts worn with jeans is acceptable beginning Friday August 14th.


NO FLIP FLOP or open toes shoes!!
These types of shoes are a safety hazard and will not be allowed. 
Casual shoes or tennis shoes (solid colors preferred but most are acceptable)

Special Dress Down Privileges

If a student earns the right to wear their street clothes (per meeting academic goals or special activities / fund raisers, etc.) parents will be notified. Teachers will monitor this and send home letters to notify parents if your child can dress down.

School T-shirts worn w/jeans on Fridays beginning end of September

Otherwise — ALL students must dress in uniforms daily!

Students Not in Accordance with School Uniform Code

  1. Parent will be called to bring child's uniform to school for them to change into.
  2. Parent will be called to pick child up — take home, put into school uniform and return child to school.
  3. If Parent can't do #1 or #2 — Child will change into a school uniform that supplied by the office for the school day. 

Failure of students to follow the uniform dress code is a violation of school policy and consequences will be given.

Parent informational letters will be distributed and parent meetings will be conducted in the beginning of the school year before dress code consequences are given.