The KCKPS Certificate:

Because KCKPS is a member of the Coalition of Innovative Schools, our district is allowed to certify individuals who have never obtained a degree in Education to teach in high-need content areas with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. The high-need content areas include teaching positions in middle and high schools and may include Science, Math, English (English Language Arts), Engineering, Technology and Information Systems, or Finance/Accounting. Other content areas may be needed on a limited basis and will be determined annually based on the needs of the district.

This is one of the two pathways now available for prospective teachers. This pathway may require limited costs associated with the submission of information to verify education or other data required by the Kansas State of Education. Additionally, the Fellows program candidate may be required to contribute financially for books or supplies associated with the minimum two year required training program as directed by the KCKPS district personnel.

The Master’s of Art in Teaching:

Another pathway is the Master’s of Art in Teaching program from Pittsburg State University, with many courses taught by qualified KCKPS personnel. This pathway requires the cost of the hourly credits for each course taken and, if all measures are met, results in an earned Master’s degree and a provisional teaching license. Once hired and teaching, the candidate transitions to a full license and is then eligible to teach anywhere in Kansas.


Alternative Pathways to Teaching


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