Argentine Middle School



  • Offered Math and Reading Enrichment classes to enhance our students’ skills in both subjects.
  • Forty-eight Argentine students were accepted to Sumner Academy.
  • The majority of our staff is either ESL endorsed or working on their ESL endorsement, enabling Argentine to better support our ESL students.
  • Strong partnership with the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri, Kansas City (UMKC) as a Professional Development School, training new teachers in urban education as well as providing professional development for all teachers.
  • Teachers received professional development around instructional strategies each week.
  • Argentine continues to provide the opportunity to take a variety of encore classes, including Spanish, Art, Vocal Music, Band, Orchestra, Technology, and Physical Education.
  • University of Kansas medical students presented to students each month around various topics pertaining to health and science.

      Special Recognitions and Awards

  • Excellence in Education Awards recognized students for maintaining high academic standards, displaying positive citizenship, and having perfect or near perfect attendance.
  • Students were recognized for academic achievement and extra-curricular involvement at our Academics and Activities Recognition Nights.
  • Eligible eighth grade students were recognized at an evening promotion ceremony and reception.
  • Argentine students were selected for recognition as District Students of the Month.
  • Thirteen students were recognized as part of the Superintendent’s Honor Roll.
  • Won the Spirit Award for the seventh consecutive year at the Silver City Parade.
  • Received the Confidence in Kansas Public Education Task Force Challenge Award for outstanding achievement and uncommon accomplishments based on Kansas Assessment results for a second consecutive year.
  • Sixteen students were inducted into the National Junior Honors Society.

     Special Offerings and Opportunities

  • University of Kansas Talent Search TRIO assisted students by providing skill-building activities, which prepare them for high school and college.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities – Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports including football, cross-country, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, soccer, and track. Other opportunities include Student Council, debate, robotics, chess club, book clubs, yearbook, newspaper, art club, school plays, and more.

Special Offerings and Opportunities (continued)

  • Argentine Middle School students participated in the district Math Relays held at Wyandotte High School, PREP-KC Regional Math Relays, and Battle of the Books at the Central Office.
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in the Saturday Science Academy.
  • Partnered with Mattie Rhodes to provide therapeutic services for students and their families.
  • Provided uniform assistance to students through our School Uniform Assistance Program.
  • EXPLORE worked with students and families, facilitating access to community resources and services.
  • Students had the opportunity to visit college campuses, including the University of Kansas.
  • The Walmart Mi Futuro Mentoring Program matched professionals and executives from Walmart with 8th grade students to improve leadership skills and help students develop strategies for their own academic and future success.
  • Offered our families the opportunity to utilize Telemedicine, the delivery of health care by a physician to a patient using interactive video technology, in partnership with Kansas University Medical Center.
  • Two classes of 8th grade students partnered with Benesch Engineering to incorporate their math content with engineering projects. The classes were conducted twice a week at Benesch for a quarter.
  • Partnered with PREP KC to provide industry informed instruction consisting of project based learning activities in collaboration with local professionals.
  • Provided each student with a Chromebook laptop computer to utilize throughout each school day.
  • Offered informational events for our parents through our Parent Engagement Program.
  • Offered Breakfast in the Classroom and participated in the BackSnack Program to promote the health and nutrition for all students.
  • Students had the opportunity to participate in career education experiences, such as iBuild, Girls Ignite, Core4 Youth Career Expo, and Women in Medicine.
  • Participated in “Hour of Code” to educate students in 21st Century skills.
  • In partnership with Mattie Rhodes, offered Soccer for Success, a free after-school program that uses soccer to promote healthy lifestyles.
  • The KCK Community Garden Project worked with science students to help build and maintain our school’s organic garden.


  • Sixth grade students are partnered with an eighth grade student leader (WEB Leader) who helps ensure a positive transition to middle school.
  • Every student at Argentine was matched with a Family Advocate to build relationships, engage families in the education of their child, and provide a link between the home and school. Every student met with his or her advocate during a designated time each day.
  • Community Service – Various opportunities were available to promote citizenship. For example, Argentine students participated in fundraisers for Pennies for Patients and the United Way, WEB leaders prepared snack sacks for Harvesters and volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House, and multiple groups of students partnered with the Franklin Center for community food distribution. 


Argentine Middle School provides diverse experiences conducive to lifelong learning.

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