Arrowhead Middle School

School Highlights 2017 - 2018

Family Advocacy: Parent involvement and home-school partnerships were accomplished through the Family Advocate System, in which every student is assigned an adult advocate. The adult met with their small group of assigned students weekly to set and review goals and to build supportive peer relationships.

Educational Talent Search: Many of our students were involved in KU’s talent search program, which included academic assistance and support, as well as special services to foster long range academic plans.

Debate Club: Arrowhead students participated in Debate KC with many students earning trophies throughout the season.

Math Relays: Arrowhead students participated in the districts Math Relays. Many of the students came home with individual and relay medals.

Sporting Activities: Students had the opportunity to participate in a variety of sporting activities which included football, volleyball, cross-country, wrestling, basketball, soccer, cheer, drill team and pep club.

Renaissance Program:  Promotes academic growth through a positive recognition and reward system, including rallies and celebrations.  Guests included national and local motivational speakers, rap and singing artists, dancers, choirs and bands.

Behavior Intervention Support Team (BIST):  BIST is used building wide to support and teach life skills to all students and especially to protect and teach students who chronically demonstrate self-defeating or disruptive behaviors in school.

Staff Development: Weekly staff development to increase the instructional competence of all staff and to facilitate the implementation of district initiatives.

Building Theme: Students and staff engaged in academic and social events around our 2017-2018 theme: Superheroes

Houses: All staff and students belonged to a multi-grade “Houses” that compete all year for a May field trip reward. Each house boasts their own color, family crest, motto, name, and cheer or chant that we have fun with during quarterly rallies.

8th Grade Celebration:  Over one hundred 8th grade students were recognized for completing all the requirements for middle school. Our passing rate from 8th to 9th grade was 98% this year

NJHS:  National Junior Honor Society, all with overall GPAs of 3.5 and leadership characteristic

Assessments: All grades participated in various high-stakes assessments, including the NWEA MAP (Measures of Academic Progress), the Kansas State Assessment, and the ACT Explore. District emphasis was on academic growth for each student.

PLCs: All staff participates in various Professional Learning Community activities, including book and article study, data analysis, integrated thematic learning activities, and lesson planning.

Alternative Programs:  Our multi-level behavior and academic support system includes our own on-site alternative school, developed to enable us to keep all students in school. 


"Our mission is strive together to become so effective and so efficient in diagnosing and meeting the academic needs of all our students, that they make as much progress as possible during the time they are entrusted to us at Arrowhead Middle School."

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