Rosedale Middle School

School Highlights 2016-2017

  • Excellence in Education – To honor 6th and 7th grade students who maintain a 3.5 GPA, excellent attendance, and good citizenship within the classroom and school
  • Rigorous unit design in an effort to raise the level of rigor in classroom instruction
  • Rosedale gardens designed to attract various animals, insects, etc.  The garden will be utilized by various classrooms for instruction - this garden is in conjunction with our current KCK Community Garden
  • Two Rosedale students were honored as district student of the month
  • Each month, the staff voted for staff and students of the month
  • Held a cultural heritage event to celebrate the various cultures that exist within our building
  • We also held a Literacy Night, Family Fitness Night, a Back to School Night, and an 8th Grade Celebration in order to invite parents to the building
  • The music department put on a musical (Mulan)
  • MIRP (Monitored Independent Reading Program) was implemented 20 minutes per day school wide
  • After school tutoring program
  • Diploma+ IPS (Individual Plan of Success) were created for each student and will continue with the students as they progress through their middle and high school years
  • Student Led Conferences for Family Advocacy Day using the iPads and Diploma+ dashboard
  • National Junior Honor Society honored 7th and 8th grade students who meet all the criteria
  • Our Facebook page features many of the activities and students here at Rosedale
  • Math Relays – Our team finished with a number of individual accomplishments
  • APL – Apple Professional Learning was provided to 10 staff members who in turn will train the staff on the best educational practices for the iPads.
  • Girls Soccer – Undefeated and unscored upon girls soccer team

Rosedale's Mission Statement

Rosedale Middle School develops skills for life-long learning.

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