West Middle School

School Highlights 2016 - 2017

  • Student Leadership: Student Council is a group of students representing all grade levels who plan activities for their peers. Community outreach activities are a primary focus of the group.  Students also participate in various clubs and groups in the building.
  • The HERD: A program to recognize students that show outstanding academic performance in the classroom, demonstrate good behavior, and have excellent school attendance.  Students are identified each quarter using specific criteria.  Students are rewarded with a school party and a HERD t-shirt recognizing their accomplishments.
  • Emphasis on Math and Reading: The School Improvement Plan is focused on active engagement, vocabulary acquisition, higher level questioning and accessing prior knowledge.  The common core standards are taught in all Math and Reading classes.
  • Strategic Reading:  West Middle provides classes in Reading and Math enrichment for students who meet the district criteria for Strategic Reading.
  • A Focus on Excellence:  West Middle aspires to demonstrate excellence by valuing all those individuals and groups in the school community, having high expectations for all, and supporting each other towards our goal of EXCELLENCE.  The values and expectations focus on all of us being learners, bringing out the best in people, being responsible, doing the right thing, and achieving results that matter.
  • Diploma Plus: Kansas City Kansas Public Schools has one goal - each student will exit high school prepared for college and careers in a global society, and at every level, performance is on track and ontime for success. With Diploma+, each student will have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma, along with at least one of the following:
    • One Year of College Completed
    • An Industry Recognized Certificate or Credential
    • At Least a 21 on the ACT College Readiness Assessment
  • National Junior Honor Society:  West began our charter of National Junior Honor Society to recognize and honor students who show a commitment to Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Character, and Citizenship.  All students inducted demonstrated their dedication to scholarship by making a 3.5 or better on their first semester grades. They were then asked to complete the application process which included: teacher recommendations, acknowledgement and sharing of their experiences in leadership, service, character and citizenship and writing an essay.  Students were selected by council members and inducted into NJHS in April. NJHS plans to foster all traits idolized by the NJHS and give students opportunities for leadership, service, character and citizenship.  There will be a commitment to working with the community and school, as well as building skills to help foster a culture that honors positive interaction within the school.
  • Stronger Relationships: Family Advocacy class allows for each student to have a relationship with an adult at school. Family Advocacy days are incorporated into the school calendar to allow families to meet with teachers, set goals and have a contact person at the school to work with them and their child.
  • Character Plus:  The mission of Character Plus is to develop positive character traits in young people by providing a high quality character education process and resources for the students, their homes and their communities.
  • College Opportunities: Educational Talent Search Trio Program offers special opportunities that promote post secondary education that includes summer enrichment activities. 
  • BIST(Behavior Intervention Support Team): A behavior intervention program that helps students to learn to make better choices for their behavior.  The program is implemented building wide using a step-by-step process for prevention and intervention.
  • Sports Activities:  Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports to include football, cross country, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, soccer and track, cheerleading and pep club.
  • College and Career Readiness:  Students are provided access and given instruction through a guaranteed and viable curriculum in all subject areas.  Students set goals for academic achievement with a focus on classroom grades and assessment scores.  All 6th and 7th grade students are assessed using the measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment.  All 8th grade students are assessed using the ACT/ASPIRE test.
  • Robotics Club: The mission of Lego Robotics Club was to enhance the communication, math, reading, and science skills for students. The Lego Robotics Club was open to any student attending West Middle School. Students learned computer programming, designing, and how to work as a team. The team also attended a Robotics event at K-State.
  • Debate Team: The West Debate Team was small but mighty this year, bringing home several trophies. We competed against hundreds of students from across the Kansas City Metro Area. The team is looking forward to another successful year.
  • Math Relays: West students participated in the district's Annual Math Relays. This is an all-day math competition held at Wyandotte High School where hundreds of middle and high school students gather to put their math knowledge to the test. Students competed in individual or team events in algebra, geometry, data or number sense. Many of our students won awards and all had fun!
  • Buffalo Art Club: The Art Club is an after school club that meets weekly.  Art Club is open to all grade levels.  This is a great place to explore personal interests in art and get some hands on experience with art tools and materials.  Students work on projects in a relaxed, supervised atmosphere.  Students were involved in art contests and group activities.  They designed one of our school buffalo t-shirts. 
  • Wyldlife:  West Middle School was excited to begin a partnership with KC Wyldlife. Each week a group of 30 students met after school to experience a club centered on friendship, love and the message of the Christian Faith. Throughout the year students participated in club activities that included challenges, games and lessons that were centered on creating a safe and welcoming environment at West. In addition to weekly meetings, some of the Wyldlife members were able to participate in a weekend camp run by Wyldlife. While at camp the students had the opportunity to meet and create life long friendships with students from all over the United States. West Wyldlife is looking forward to year two of the program, and hopes to continue building a club that is centered on beliefs of tolerance and acceptance.

West's Mission Statement

Preparing students to be lifelong learners in a global society.

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