Central Middle School

School Highlights 2016 - 2017

  • Student Leadership: Student Council is a group of students representing all grade levels who serve as a voice for their peers in the school.  They plan activities for their peers and participate in various charitable activities. 
  • Bear’s Den: A program to recognize students who show outstanding academic performance in the classroom, demonstrate good behavior, and have excellent school attendance.  Students are identified each quarter using specific criteria.  Students are rewarded with a school party and a Bear’s Den t-shirt recognizing their accomplishments.
  • A Focus on Excellence:  Central Middle aspires to demonstrate excellence by valuing all individuals and groups in the school community by, having high expectations for all, and by supporting each other towards our goal of EXCELLENCE.  The values and expectations focus on all of us being learners, bringing out the best in people, being responsible, doing the right thing, and achieving results that matter.
  • Parent/Community Outreach:  Central Middle School Teachers provided evening classes for community members to learn English.
  • College Opportunities: Educational Talent Search Trio Program offers special opportunities that promote post-secondary education including summer enrichment activities.
  • Stronger Relationships: Family Advocacy class allows for each student to have a relationship with an adult at school. Family Advocacy days are incorporated into the school calendar to allow families to meet with teachers, set goals and have a contact person at the school to work with them and their child. 
  • STEM opportunities:  Two teams of Central Middle School Students took 1st and 2nd place awards in the Crayons to CAD program for 6th grade.
  • Robotics:  The team presented a community outreach project to KCK Mayor Mark Holland.
  • Math Relays:  49 students participated this year.  The 6th grade problem solving team took 1st place.  Central Middle School took 2nd place overall.
  • Strategic Reading:  Provides classes in Reading enrichment for students who meet the district criteria.
  • Family Fun Night:  Provides parent, students, and siblings the opportunity to interact with Central Middle School staff members in a relaxed, social environment.
  • MIRP (Monitored Independent Reading Program) provides quiet reading time for  20 minutes per day school without interruptions.
  • BIST (Behavior Intervention Support Team): A behavior intervention program that helps students learn to make better choices for their behavior and take accountability for their actions.  The program is implemented building wide using a step-by-step process for prevention and intervention.
  • Sports & Activities:  Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports including football, cross country, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, soccer, track, cheerleading, debate, newspaper, robotics and pep club.
  • Diploma Plus: Kansas City Kansas Public Schools has one goal - each student will exit high school prepared for college and careers in a global society, and at every level, performance is on track and on time for success. With Diploma+, each student will have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma, along with at least one of the following:
    • One Year of College Completed
    • An Industry Recognized Certificate or Credential
    • At Least a 21 on the ACT College Readiness Assessment

Central Middle's Mission Statement

Students will learn to compete in a global society through the use of collaboration, real world learning situations and by developing critical thinking skills.

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