Coronado Middle School

School Highlights 2016 - 2017

Educational Talent Search: Many of our students were involved in KU’s talent search program, which included academic assistance and support, as well as special services to foster long range academic plans and field trips.    

National Junior Honor Society: Coronado Middle School inducted 11 new members to the fourth year of the new chapter of National Junior Honor Society. NJHS is a national premier organization that recognizes and honors those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Character and Citizenship. Chapter activities provide students with the opportunity to cultivate those ideals within themselves, their schools, and their communities.

Young Women on the Move (YWOM), a local non-profit dedicated to the empowerment of middle school and high school aged girls in Kansas City Kansas recruited girls at Coronado for a weekly after-school program. We began the year with a very special events designed to motivate girls to do their best in school, be responsible, and be healthy in mind, body and spirit. YWOM members attended a summit, I am Courageous, I Choose Peace, where they heard fascinating speakers, participated in globally nurturing activities, and received an awareness of gender equality.

Robotics Club: The mission of Lego Robotics Club was to enhance the communication, math, reading, and science skills for students.  This year about 40 students joined the Lego Robotics Club which was open to any student attending Coronado Middle School. Students learned computer programming, designing, and how to work as a team. Ten of the forty students prepared to compete in the Regional’s first Lego League Competition.  

Engineering Club: This club allows students to investigate career and concepts in science and mathematics. The club, which is opened to all Coronado students, meets twice a month to complete different S.T.E.M. activities. During these activities, students work together to create build, discover, problem solve, collaborate, and work with topics in math, science and technology. This year our students traveled to K-State University and participated in various engineering activities with K-State students.

CrossWalk Club:  This club is a Christian based campus club that meets every other Friday. The student who attend learn spiritual and practical biblical tools necessary to combat the challenges of life. All students are welcome, knowing that we are all work in progress. The club’s mission is to help students walk out real Christianity in a real world. The club has grew in members as the Lord has blessed us ending out our second year.

Debate Team: The Coronado Debate Team was highly successful this school year, bringing home numerous trophies and accolades. Students debated Space Cooperation with China as well as other topics. We competed against hundreds of students from across the Kansas City Metro area. At the annual DebateKC Banquet, Coronado was named the best Team-Spirit school of the season. The team is looking forward to another successful year.  

Chess Club:  This is a mind stimulating club, involving strategy, problem solving and critical thinking skills. All are welcome, as the club invites you to learn the game and make new friends. The club meets every Tuesday from 3:00 pm-5:00 pm.

Musical Theater: The Music Department performed their first musical ever, Fame Jr. It was a huge success, with a very large turnout of family and friends. This music program helps the students to develop theatrically as well as cultivating their musical abilities. We are excited about growing the program even further in the upcoming year.

Instrumental Music Program: The Coronado instrumental music program, consisting of band and orchestra, provides approximately 100 students from 6th through 8th grade an opportunity to practice our instruments in the music classroom and perform in public concerts. The program experienced significant growth this year and students are excited about the future of the program as it evolves to become a source of school spirit and musical pride for the Coronado community. Students involved in the program not only grew as musicians but also developed skills in teamwork, organization, and self-motivation. Band and orchestra at Coronado provides its members with a unique opportunity to build friendships with peers, learn about music in a fun way, and be a member of a group that strives for musical excellence.

Sporting Activities: Students had the opportunity to participate in a variety of sporting activities which included football, volleyball, cross-country, wrestling, basketball, cheerleading, soccer, track, drill team and pep club.  We are excited about the upcoming 2017-2018 school year because 6th graders will now be able to participate in cross country and join the pep club.

Math Relays: Close to 45 Coronado students participated in the district's annual Math Relays. This is an all day math competition held at Wyandotte High School where hundreds of middle school and high school students gather to put their math knowledge to the test. Students competed in individual or team events in algebra, geometry, number sense and probability. We came home with several medals in both individual and team competitions.

Honor Roll and Student Athlete Awards Program: Quarterly honor roll and student athlete award programs were held to acknowledge student success.  We also held our 7th annual Principal’s Honor Roll Breakfast.  It was a huge success.  We had over one hundred guests show up for coffee, orange juice and a big breakfast!  The family members were very proud of their children making the Honor Roll.

Annual Promotional Ceremony: One hundred and fifty 8th grade students were recognized for completing all the requirements for middle school.  Two of our 8th grade students received citizenship awards from KSHSAA, seven students received the “Come Back Kid” award, and ten students received presidential certificates for academic excellence.

Leadership Team: Twice a month Coronado’s administrators met with representatives from each grade level academy to discuss school’s instructional plan, student data and instruction. Team goals were established and monitored throughout the year to ensure teacher effectiveness and student achievement.   This group also discussed ways to continue to support our staff, students and parents in an effort to increase student achievement. 

Diploma+: Coronado 6th and 7th graders began the second year of an intensive focus on college and career preparedness. The 8th grade participated in the KCKCC-TEC Middle School Awareness Day by visiting the Center and participating in hands-on experiences for several technical careers.                                                                                                                                         The 8th grade also learned about several careers through PREPKC’s Career Jumping event with over 20 career professionals present for small group meetings with students. The 6th grade visited Johnson County Community College and experienced a career speaker day presented by PREPKC. The 7th grade visited KU and participated in Junior Achievement’s Reverse Job Shadow Program career speaker program. Throughout the year, students had opportunities to explore careers and create individual plans of study for academic growth. In April, students also visited the I-Build Exhibition at Bartle Hall and the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum to learn about animation.

Math Achievers: We experienced great success with the implementation of our Achievers groups after school. Achievers were identified as students in sixth grade who would benefit from additional support to reach grade-level and college/career ready proficiency. Teachers met weekly with students after school to provide enrichment activities which enabled them to show growth at accelerated rates. Achievers groups were rewarded for their dedication with a celebration at the conclusion of each semester.


Staff Development: Teachers participated in weekly staff development sessions and Professional Learning Communities throughout the year. Our focus during this year was developing opportunities to partner with students to help them understand their learning and take responsibility for tracking their own progress. We focused on understanding KCK's Model of Instruction and finding ways to implement to improve student achievement.

FAS (Family Advocate System): Every student at Coronado was given an adult advocate with whom they built relationships.  The advocates met with families and monitored the student’s academic, social, and emotional development on an ongoing basis. 

OK Program: The OK Program is a mentoring program, which fosters partnerships between police agencies, schools, students, community members, and the business and faith community to provide positive guidance and support to African American males 12-18 years old, middle school through high school. The primary goal of the program is to reduce the high rates of incarceration and homicide of young African American males by guiding them away from prison and towards college, military service, vocational training, and a life of responsible citizenship.

BIST (Behavior Intervention Support Team): Our school has observed the rewards from utilizing this building wide intervention program to meet the needs of our students.  Office referrals were decreased through the use of safe seats in classrooms and buddy rooms.  BIST teaches that it is “Never OK to be hurtful or disruptive”.  BIST celebrates values that hold true for our entire school community.

STS (Second Step): Second Step helps to create a respectful learning environment….        Second Step: A Violence Prevention Curriculum is a research-based program that teaches middle school students the core social and emotional skills that will help them succeed in school and throughout their lives. Student participates in STS Program at school for 10 consecutive days. Students in STS also receive academic support from peer tutors and teachers to maintain grades and provide support for struggling students.

ASP (Alternative Schooling Program): The Alternative Schooling Program is designed for Coronado students who need support in a smaller learning environment.  Students attend a minimum of ten hours of school during the week.  Students who complete this program are usually successful when they return to the regular school program.

Coronado's Mission Statement

Accelerating student achievement.

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