Eisenhower Middle School

Uniform Dress Code Policy

All EMS students are expected to maintain a positive outlook by adhering to the dress code outlined below:

Shirts:  Solid black, khaki, navy blue, grey or white polo/collared shirts.

Sweaters/Sweatshirts/Vests:  Solid black, khaki, navy blue, white or grey.  Sweatshirts should be crew neck sweatshirts.  Hooded jackets can be worn IF they have a zipper.  Hoodies WITHOUT a zipper are NOT allowed.

*Shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts can have a small logo on them such as a NIKE symbol above the heart.

Pants, shorts, skirts, skorts:  Solid black, khaki, grey or navy blue and should fit snug at the waist.  Shorts, skirts or skorts should be an appropriate length (no shorter than 4 inches above the knee).

Shoes:  Students should wear shoes that are secured on their feet, such as tennis shoes or shoes that have a strap or enclosed heal.  No flip flops, slides or shower shoes.

Light weight jackets that are solid, uniform colors may be worn in class.

String Bags and Back Packs may be worn to class.

Coats and Heavy Jackets should be secured in your lockers at the beginning of the school day.  Also other items such as hats, sunglasses, picks, cell phones, etc. should also be secured in lockers or backpacks.

ID Badges

In order to ensure that students are safe in our building, it is required that students have an ID badge on and that it is visible throughout the school day.   If you lose your ID, another one can be purchased in the office for $3.

Students who fail to comply with the uniform guidelines will be offered the opportunity to contact a parent for a change of clothes or be placed in Intervention Support for the day.  Students who continually are out of uniform or do not wear their ID, may receive a variety of interventions and consequences including but not limited to a mandatory parent conference or suspension.