Rosedale Middle School

Uniform Policy

All pants, shorts, skirts and jumpers will be plain tan/beige khaki or plain dark black in color and fit properly (no sagging). No bib overalls, No jeans, No sweat pants, No stretch pants will be allowed.

All shirts, pullover sweatshirts, sweaters, vests and blouses will be solid white or black.

Belts will be required if pants or shorts sag without it.

Shirts and blouses will be oxford, polo style or turtleneck (no writing, logos, or emblems and no multiple stripes of any kind).

All shirts and blouses must be long enough to cover the waist band of uniform pants but not so long as to be closer to the knees than the waist or they must be tucked in. Undershirts that are longer than the uniform shirt will be required to be tucked in. Coats and jackets will be removed when entering the building. Sweats, windbreakers, and warm up tops are considered to be jackets.

Plain white or black sweaters, vests and pullover sweatshirts may be worn over the collar shirt, blouse or turtlenecks as long as the collar is clearly showing. These items are NOT to be worn around the waist or shoulders.

Skirts, jumpers and shorts that are top of the knee may be worn (maximum five inches above the knee). Capri pants are acceptable.

Pants may NOT be rolled up.

No Capri leggings (stretch), no sweat pants, no hooded sweat tops.

T-shirts may be worn only as undershirts; they must be plain white or plain black.

Suspenders will be worn over the shoulders and should be plain black or white.

No Sandals, flip flops or house slippers.

Students who refuse or repeatedly fail to comply with the mandatory uniform policy will be subject to disciplinary actions set forth in the USD 500 Code of Conduct and the Rosedale Middle School Handbook.