West Middle School

Uniform Dress Code

  1. All pants, shorts, skirts and jumpers will be plain khaki, plain black or plain navy blue in color and fit properly (no sagging or logos). A belt will be required if pants or shorts sag without it. Hems on all skirts, shorts and jumpers must be no shorter than the place on the leg where the fingertips would fall with arms hanging naturally at the sides.
  2. Belts are required if pants or shorts sag without it. Belts should be solid in color and can be the following colors: Black, brown, navy blue, white or gray. All belts are required to be worn in belt loops. No oversized belt buckles allowed.
  3. All collared shirts, pullover sweatshirts, sweaters, and collared blouses will be solid white, black or navy blue. Collared shirts and collared blouses will be oxford, polo, or turtleneck (no visible writing, logos, or emblems or stripes of any kind) and may be short or long sleeved. All uniform shirts are required to be tucked in. Coats or jackets will be removed upon entering the building. Sweat jackets, sweaters, or warm-up tops with a full-length zipper are considered jackets.
  4. Plain white, black or navy blue sweaters and pullover sweatshirts maybe worn over the collared shirt or turtleneck.
  5. No denim jeans, stretch pants, sweat pants, sports pants, or hooded sweatshirts are allowed.
  6. Students are only allowed to wear a white, black, navy blue or gray shirt underneath the uniform shirt. Students will not be allowed to wear other colors of shirts under the uniform shirt.
  7. PE uniforms – all students will change to their plain t-shirt and shorts/pants (other than the ones they may be wearing as their school uniform) for use during PE class and at the end of class change back to their school uniform.
  8. Students are allowed to wear West Middle Spirit shirts with uniform pants or skirts.
  9. Students not in compliance will be offered a loaner uniform and if not accepted will be placed in recovery for the day. All violations will count towards consequences. Administrative action will result in the following:
    • First Offense: Warning
    • Second Offense: Detention & Parent Contact
    • Third Offense: Extended Day and Parent Contact
    • Fourth Offense: Parent Conference Suspension
    • Fifth Offense: Saturday Detention
    • Additional Offense: Administrator Decision

Uniform violations are accumulated for the entire school year. Violations do not start over at semester.