Round Two of Excellence! Four Wyandotte Teachers Selected to 2019-21 Cohort of the Hollyhock Fellows at Stanford University

Posted Friday, March 15, 2019

Congratulations to Gary Craig, Amy Lunde, Sarah Gentry, and Chelsea Soetaert from Wyandotte High School on being selected as a professional team to the 2019-21 cohort of the Hollyhock Fellows at Stanford University. This is Wyandotte’s second team of Hollyhock Fellows. They represent four out of less than 100 Hollyhock Fellows from across the country to be selected. 

For the next two summers, the team will pack their bags and head to Stanford University, where they will:

  • Live in the residential college dorms
  • Attend professional development sessions
  • Participate in informal discussions and events
  • Contribute to the Hollyhock Fellow cohort through collaboration, dialogue and engagement
  • Share a classroom video of their teaching and teaching materials gained from participation in the program

For the next two school years as a Hollyhock Fellow, the teams will network with other professionals in the program by utilizing the video-based platform. They will share lesson plans, class handouts, students’ work, and participate in video conferences. “We are very proud of our teaching teams who continue to build capacity within our school and district to positively impact our students’ learning," said Principal Mary Stewart. The new team will collaborate with Wyandotte’s previous Fellowship team to enhance their continued development.