District’s Inclement Weather Policy Outlined

Winter is here, which means inclement weather may be in the near future. So, here is a reminder of the district’s procedures for closing schools when weather is a factor in getting students to and from their buildings safely.   

When the superintendent makes the decision to cancel schools, the Communications Department starts putting its inclement weather plan into motion to relay information to parents, students, staff and the community. Over the past several years, the inclement weather plan has evolved and grown to encompass more modern communication methods (including social media) while also maintaining the traditional methods. The idea is to provide school closing information in a number of outlets to reach anyone who may have questions. Staff, students and parents are encouraged to check a number of sources to ensure that they have the most accurate and up-to-date information anytime a snow day may be likely. Checking more than one source will ensure that errors that might be made by the media, or rumors that may be floating around on social media, are dispelled.

Here is an outline of the processes followed by the Communications Department to communicate a snow day:

  • Notification is made to the MEDIA (This step happens FIRST because of the large number of people who are reached through the media. This list includes the major television and radio stations, and local newspapers. This notification involves several e-mail and phone calls.)
  • A posting is made on the district FACEBOOK and Twitter pages.
  • A posting is made on the district WEBSITEwww.kckps.org
  • A Bright Arrow PHONE NOTIFICATIONis recorded and sent to all families in the district.
  • A Bright Arrow SPANISH PHONE NOTIFICATIONis recorded and sent to all Spanish-speaking families in the district.
  • TEXT MESSAGEnotification is sent (to all individuals who signed up to receive text notifications. See how to sign up below).
  • A notice of the closing is posted on KCKPS-TV, the district’s television network (available on channel 18 to Time Warner Cable customers in Wyandotte County or Channel 145 on Google Fiber.)

The above processes take place as soon as notification of the closing is received by the Communications Department. If the decision to close schools is made in the morning, the Communications Department works to ensure that the information is posted and communicated before 6 a.m. If the decision to close schools for the day is made the evening before, the notifications are completed by Communications staff in the evening from home, and the timeline is dependent upon schedules.

Once notifications are posted, the Communications staff works to address incoming questions and comments (via phone, Twitter, Facebook and e-mail) and checks social media sources to screen out inappropriate postings.

Staff who have questions or comments about any of the above processes, or want to report inaccurate reporting of information, should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., director of communications and marketing at (913) 279-2225, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., communications specialist at (913) 279-2242.

Unless covered by a special announcement, a general school closing also includes all special education classes and adult education classes.

If classes are canceled, the following personnel will be on duty unless otherwise stated: all administrators and supervisors, all 12-month employees, building staff who work more than 186 days, all custodial and maintenance staff, all campus officers, all secretaries who work more than 186 days, and all Central Office staff who work more than 186 days.

Should early dismissal be necessary during the school day, radio and TV announcements will be made and each school will be notified. Principals and teachers will be certain that no child is released until arrangements for proper supervision have been made.

Text Alert System

Would you like to receive text alerts about snow days? Sign up for the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools’ Text Alert Messaging System for parents, staff and students.

Signing up is easy. Access the link through the homepage of the district’s website, www.kckps.org (click on “Text Alert Sign-Up”). Register as a new user and provide your cell phone number. Be sure to complete all the information.