KCKPS Extends School Day for High School Students

March 7, 2018


Contact: Melissa Fears, Director of Communications and Marketing (913) 279-2225

The four days the district closed school because of winter weather conditions have created a problem for high schools in Kansas City, Kansas in terms of meeting the number of hours high schools are required to be in session during the school year. According to the Kansas Department of Education, state law requires not less than 1,116 hours of school for students in K-11, and 1,086 for high school seniors.

In order to be certain that all Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools (KCKPS) buildings have met the required number of hours in session, the school district will be extending the high school day through the end of the year by 12 minutes. This will add five minutes to the school-day schedule in the morning, and seven minutes in the afternoon, starting Monday, March 19. This date will be the first day KCKPS students return from Spring Break.

New start and end times for KCKPS’ high schools beginning March 19:

  • J.C. Harmon, F.L. Schlagle, Washington and Wyandotte high schools will begin at 7:20 a.m., and the new dismissal time will be 2:27 p.m. The new dismissal time for Wednesday afternoons will be 12:27 p.m.
  • Sumner Academy of Arts and Sciences’ new start time will be 8:05 a.m., and the new dismissal time will be 3:12 p.m. The new dismissal time for Wednesday afternoons will be 1:12 p.m.

Bus schedules will be changed to accommodate the change in start and dismissal times for the high schools.

Please remember, the changes in start and dismissal times only impact high schools for KCKPS; elementary and middle school schedules will remain unchanged.

If parents have questions, they are asked to contact their child’s school.