KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month for December

December 12, 2013


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December Students of the Month.

Damya Johnson is one of the most unique preschoolers that I have had the absolute pleasure of teaching at the KCK Early Childhood Center.  Not only does Damya excel in her academic skills, she is so well-behaved, you would think that she's a little lady!  It is very important to point out that Damya would not be who she is if it weren't for her parents.  After having the privilege of visiting the home, I was able to really see Damya's connection to her family.  I know she loves them more than anything.  She absolutely loves helping in any way that she can.  This young girl could be anything she wants to.  I know that she will make KCK schools proud every day for the next thirteen years.
-- Sincerely, Janelle Wheeler, Teacher

Dominic Gonzalez, 2nd grader at Noble Prentis Elementary is an amazing young man who strives to learn all that he can.  We, at Noble Prentis, have P.R.O.U.D. traits that we live by and encourage each other throughout the day.  They stand for perseverance, respect, ownership, understanding and dedication.  Dominic continually exhibits all five traits daily and encourages his classmates to do the same. Dominic has amazing perseverance when completing work that is difficult for him.  If he doesn't understand or has a question, he doesn't hesitate to ask for help.  He arrives daily with a smile on his face and ready to learn.  He has a desire to learn and strives to continually improve.  Dominic is an outstanding example of a KCK student.
-- Sincerely, Shannon Callahan, Teacher

Kevin Her, 7th grader at West Middle School is always willing to learn and shows great perseverance in all classes and tasks.  He will always complete work, even when difficult or he might struggle to understand a given assignment.  Additionally, Kevin always has a positive attitude and is a model student for the student body of West Middle School.  Finally, our candidate for student of the month has a contagious personality; the students and staff truly enjoy being around Kevin each and every day.
-- Sincerely, Hailee Schmidt, Teacher

Jesus Galvin is an 11th grade student that teachers love to have in class at J.C. Harmon High School.   He is a very dedicated student and has high aspirations for his future.  He is bilingual and is always helping his classmates with their assignments.  Jesus is a hard working, dedicated and focused on being successful.  I am very proud and feel privileged to write this recommendation.
-- Sincerely, Steve Howard, Teacher at J.C. Harmon

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