KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month for November


November Students of the Month.

Prea Reh, 1st grade

Silver City Elementary School
Nominated by: Crystal Brower, Teacher
"Prea Reh has always shown exceptionally good behavior in the classroom.  I am especially proud of his academic progress and his increased participation class discussions.  As a second language, English speaker at the beginning of the year, he had problems ... but that is not the case now.  Prea is an active and eager participant in whole group and small group discussions.  I am thrilled to have such an enthusiastic learner in my classroom".
-- Sincerely, Crystal Brower, Teacher

Devin Nicholson, 8th grade

Rosedale Middle School
Nominated by: Kelcey Dodd, Teacher, Gage McGarry, Teacher, Zach Davies, Teacher, Samuel Martin, Teacher, Julie Day, Target Literacy Instructor
"Devin Nicholson is that student that comes around every once in a while that reminds teachers every single day why we choose the profession we do.  Devin is not only an outstanding student because of his academic standing, but because of his attitude in everything that he does, both in and out of the classroom. He is not afraid to ask for help, he knows what it takes to be successful and he's willing to do what it takes to achieve his goals.  We do not have a student more deserving of this award than Devin Nicholson".
-- Sincerely, Kelcey Dodd, Gage McGarry, Zach Davies, Samuel Martin & Julie Day, Teachers

Natalie Walton, 12th grade

Wyandotte High School
Nominated by:  Mary Stewart, Principal
"In our district, we are committing to improving the literacy skills of our students.  We know how wonderful the students in KCK are and how powerful of a voice each student has.  Our vision at Wyandotte is to help students to develop their literacy skills so that when they express their opinion and views whether in writing or speaking, the world stops to listen.  I nominate Natalie Walton, a senior at Wyandotte for student of the month because she has made heads turn and gotten her message to others.  Natalie is in the Kauffman Scholars program.  She has really stepped up to the challenges put before her and I have no doubt that her perspective will help shape future decisions in our world.  With great enthusiasm I nominate Miss Natalie Walton for student of the month".
-- Sincerely, Mary Stewart, principal

-- December 2, 2013 News Release