West Middle School

Uniform Dress Code

  1. All pants, shorts, skirts and jumpers will be plain khaki, plain black or plain navy blue in color and fit properly (no sagging or logos). A belt will be required if pants or shorts sag without it. Hems on all skirts, shorts and jumpers must be no shorter than the place on the leg where the fingertips would fall with arms hanging naturally at the sides.
  2. Belts are required if pants or shorts sag without it. Belts should be solid in color and can be the following colors: Black, brown, navy blue, white or gray. All belts are required to be worn in belt loops. No oversized belt buckles allowed.
  3. All collared shirts, pullover sweatshirts, sweaters, and collared blouses will be solid white, black or navy blue. Collared shirts and collared blouses will be oxford, polo, or turtleneck (no visible writing, logos, or emblems or stripes of any kind) and may be short or long sleeved. All uniform shirts are required to be tucked in. Coats or jackets will be removed upon entering the building. Sweat jackets, sweaters, or warm-up tops with a full-length zipper are considered jackets.
  4. Plain white, black or navy blue sweaters and pullover sweatshirts maybe worn over the collared shirt or turtleneck.
  5. No denim jeans, stretch pants, sweat pants, sports pants, or hooded sweatshirts are allowed.
  6. Students are only allowed to wear a white, black, navy blue or gray shirt underneath the uniform shirt. Students will not be allowed to wear other colors of shirts under the uniform shirt.
  7. PE uniforms – all students will change to their plain t-shirt and shorts/pants (other than the ones they may be wearing as their school uniform) for use during PE class and at the end of class change back to their school uniform.
  8. Students are allowed to wear West Middle Spirit shirts with uniform pants or skirts.
  9. Students not in compliance will be offered a loaner uniform and if not accepted will be placed in recovery for the day. All violations will count towards consequences. Administrative action will result in the following:
    • First Offense: Warning
    • Second Offense: Detention & Parent Contact
    • Third Offense: Extended Day and Parent Contact
    • Fourth Offense: Parent Conference Suspension
    • Fifth Offense: Saturday Detention
    • Additional Offense: Administrator Decision

Uniform violations are accumulated for the entire school year. Violations do not start over at semester.

Rosedale Middle School

Uniform Policy

All pants, shorts, skirts and jumpers will be plain tan/beige khaki or plain dark black in color and fit properly (no sagging). No bib overalls, No jeans, No sweat pants, No stretch pants will be allowed.

All shirts, pullover sweatshirts, sweaters, vests and blouses will be solid white or black.

Belts will be required if pants or shorts sag without it.

Shirts and blouses will be oxford, polo style or turtleneck (no writing, logos, or emblems and no multiple stripes of any kind).

All shirts and blouses must be long enough to cover the waist band of uniform pants but not so long as to be closer to the knees than the waist or they must be tucked in. Undershirts that are longer than the uniform shirt will be required to be tucked in. Coats and jackets will be removed when entering the building. Sweats, windbreakers, and warm up tops are considered to be jackets.

Plain white or black sweaters, vests and pullover sweatshirts may be worn over the collar shirt, blouse or turtlenecks as long as the collar is clearly showing. These items are NOT to be worn around the waist or shoulders.

Skirts, jumpers and shorts that are top of the knee may be worn (maximum five inches above the knee). Capri pants are acceptable.

Pants may NOT be rolled up.

No Capri leggings (stretch), no sweat pants, no hooded sweat tops.

T-shirts may be worn only as undershirts; they must be plain white or plain black.

Suspenders will be worn over the shoulders and should be plain black or white.

No Sandals, flip flops or house slippers.

Students who refuse or repeatedly fail to comply with the mandatory uniform policy will be subject to disciplinary actions set forth in the USD 500 Code of Conduct and the Rosedale Middle School Handbook.

Coronado Middle School

Uniform Guidelines


Dress and Appearance

Coronado students wear uniforms. Below describes the uniform as well as forbidden items. If a student is out of uniform, the student will call a parent to bring a change of clothes or will be placed in ISS. If a student continues to be out of uniform or not wearing their ID, that student can receive a mandatory Parent Conference or OSS. Only students new to the district will have a grace period before they need to be in uniform.

The uniform

Shirts: Solid black or white Polo style shirts only! Solid black or white turtleneck worn under polo shirt or sweatshirt. (Turtleneck must be tucked in). Undershirts solid black or white with no prints may be worn under the polo shirt and must be tucked in.

Sweater: Solid white or black. You must wear a polo shirt with collar showing or a turtleneck under the sweatshirt 

Vest: Solid black or white

Belts: Solid black, white or brown

Pants: Solid black or Khaki, Pants should fit snug at the waist (NO SAGGING), Pants should have only 2- 4 pockets

Shorts and Skirts: Solid black or khaki, the edge of the shorts or skirt CANNOT be higher than 4 inches from knee.

Shorts may be worn during the district-mandated months of: August/September/April/May/June ONLY!

Coats and Jackets: All coats and jackets must be left in the lockers at the beginning of the day. No hooded jackets in any color can be worn during the day.

Shoes: No flip-flops of any kind No house slippers of any kind

*** No Leggings or Jeggings — No neon or multi-colored socks***
*** No jeans, cargo (no strings), pants or sweatpants of any kind are allowed***

ID Badges

In order to ensure all students are safe in our building it is required that all students have an ID badge on and visible throughout the school day. Students who do not have their ID will receive a consequence. The conse-quences increase in severity as the offense is repeated. 1. A verbal warning, 2.A 30 minute detention, 3.A 2 hour detention, 4.A day in ISS.

Students who receive a consequence but do not serve will then be moved to a stricter repercussion. For example, if a student receives a 30 minute detention for not having his/her ID for the second time and does not serve the detention, they will then have to serve a 2 hour detention. Parents will be notified of the detentions as they are assigned.

Eisenhower Middle School

Uniform Dress Code Policy

All EMS students are expected to maintain a positive outlook by adhering to the dress code outlined below:

Shirts:  Solid black, khaki, navy blue, grey or white polo/collared shirts.

Sweaters/Sweatshirts/Vests:  Solid black, khaki, navy blue, white or grey.  Sweatshirts should be crew neck sweatshirts.  Hooded jackets can be worn IF they have a zipper.  Hoodies WITHOUT a zipper are NOT allowed.

*Shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts can have a small logo on them such as a NIKE symbol above the heart.

Pants, shorts, skirts, skorts:  Solid black, khaki, grey or navy blue and should fit snug at the waist.  Shorts, skirts or skorts should be an appropriate length (no shorter than 4 inches above the knee).

Shoes:  Students should wear shoes that are secured on their feet, such as tennis shoes or shoes that have a strap or enclosed heal.  No flip flops, slides or shower shoes.

Light weight jackets that are solid, uniform colors may be worn in class.

String Bags and Back Packs may be worn to class.

Coats and Heavy Jackets should be secured in your lockers at the beginning of the school day.  Also other items such as hats, sunglasses, picks, cell phones, etc. should also be secured in lockers or backpacks.

ID Badges

In order to ensure that students are safe in our building, it is required that students have an ID badge on and that it is visible throughout the school day.   If you lose your ID, another one can be purchased in the office for $3.

Students who fail to comply with the uniform guidelines will be offered the opportunity to contact a parent for a change of clothes or be placed in Intervention Support for the day.  Students who continually are out of uniform or do not wear their ID, may receive a variety of interventions and consequences including but not limited to a mandatory parent conference or suspension.

Central Middle School

Uniform Policy

Wearing a uniform in school is designed to eliminate possible distractions due to clothing style, brand or inappropriately worn clothing.  Uniforms are not about the latest fashion or trends such as leggings, overly large clothing….etc.


  • All shirts are to be solid white, black or navy in color.
  • Shirts are to be collared to turtleneck in style, long or short sleeved.  Shirts must have sleeves.
  • No logos, emblems, or designs are to be on the shirts.
  • T-shirts may be worn only as undershirts; they must be plain black, white or navy.  
    Undershirts cannot have logos, emblems, or designs.
  • The length of the shirt should be reasonable.  Super-sized or above the waist are not acceptable.
  • Central Middle School spirit shirts are permitted. (Including school sponsored team shirts.)


  • Plain pull-over, black, navy or white sweatshirts or sweaters may be worn over a uniform shirt with the collar showing.  Hoodies are not allowed.
  • No hoods, logos, emblems, or designs are to be on sweatshirts or sweater unless it is purchased from the school. Central Middle School logos are acceptable.
  • Jackets/coats are not to be worn in the classroom or hallways unless going out to the trailers.


  • All pants worn must be black, khaki or navy blue (NO JEANS AT ALL).
  • No sweats, sport or stretch pants, leggings/jeggings will be allowed.
  • No logos, emblems, or designs are to be anywhere.
  • Shorts and skirts must also black, khaki or navy blue (NO JEAN SHORTS/SKIRTS).
  • Shorts and skirts must be worn as close to the knee as possible.  Anything more than 2 inches above the kneecap is not allowed.
  • Slits in skirts cannot exceed the knee.
  • Inappropriate tightness and length of clothes will not be permitted and will be dealt with by the administration.
  • NO open toe sandals, flip-flops sandals, slides or house slippers are allowed.


  • All new students to Central will be allowed a two-week grace period.
  • At the beginning of the school year the two-week grace period includes: any 7th or 8th graders new to Central.  Returning students to Central will be expected to be in uniform day one.
  • Students who come to Central from another district or from a non-uniform school in our district will be allowed a two-week grace period.
  • Students who come to Central from another uniform school in our district will not be allowed a grace period.
  • Students who leave Central and then return to Central at a later point in the school year will not be allowed a grace period.
  • Students who fall within the two-week grace period must report to the office each morning to get a uniform sticker until the two weeks are up.