Uniform Guidelines for Bertram Caruthers Elementary

Uniform Shirts

  • Shirts can be any SOLID color.Shirts are to be plain collared, button-down, polo, turtleneck, dress shirts, long or short sleeved.
  • No logos, lettering, pictures, labels, emblems, or designs are to be on the shirts other then the school logo.
  • White T-shirts may be worn, only as undershirt, with their over shirts covering the t-shirt. The t-shirts cannot have logos, emblems, or designs that show.  The length of the shirt should be reasonable.  Super-sized or above the waist is not acceptable, and they should be tucked in at all times.
  • Spirit days, as specified on the school calendar, students will be allowed to wear Blue and Gold or Caruthers shirts.

Sweatshirts, Vests, Sweaters

  • All sweatshirts, vest and sweaters must be the same colors as the uniform: white, black, or blue.
  • No hoods, logos, emblems, or designs are to be on sweatshirts, vests, or sweaters.
  • Quilted down vest are not to be worn.
  • Polar fleece sweatshirts, vest and sweaters will be allowed if they are the same colors as the uniform and have no logo.
  • These items are not to be worn around the waist or shoulders.
  • A collared uniform shirt must be worn underneath a sweatshirt, vest or sweater.

Pants, Shorts, Shirts, Jumpers

  • All pants, worn will be khaki, black, or navy (no denim jeans, sweatpants, or sport pants).
  • Shorts will also be khaki, black, or navy. Shorts must be worn as close to the knee as possible.
  • Skirts and jumpers will also be khaki, black, or navy. Skirts and jumpers must be worn as close to the knee as possible.
  • Jeans are not allowed.
  • Styles must fit at the waist (NO SAGGING OR BAGGING). Hems must not drag the ground.

Every Friday will be a dress down day.  Unless notified by the school all students are required to wear uniforms Monday – Thursday.


Parte superior:

Colores: - azul claro, azul marino, Borgoña, negro, rojo, negro, blanco, verde, las camisas  deben tener mangas que van desde cortas hasta largo completo. Los estilos pueden ser  polo, cuello alto, camisas de vestir, o camisas con cuello normal. Las  Camisas  no pueden tener letras, imágenes, logotipos, etiquetas o diseños. Las camisas deben ajustarse al estudiante y deben estar metidas por dentro  todo el tiempo.  Los estudiantes pueden usar suéteres, Crewnecks, v-cuello cardigan, chalecos, o sudaderas sin  ningún escrito o logotipos. (No se permitirán sudadores con gorros ) Durante los días de espíritu escolar  y especificados en el calendario, los estudiantes podrán vestirse de los colores azul y dorado o usar su camiseta/playera  de la escuela.


Colores:  azul, khaki, negro ( No jeanes, pantalones sudadores, o pantalones deportivos)
Estilos:  Pantalones, pantalones cortos, faldas, faldas pantalón, o jumpers. Los  estilos deben caber en la cintura o usar un cinturón. (No se permitirán pantalones colgando debajo de la cintura) Los dobladillos de los pantalones no deben arrastrarse  en el suelo.  Las faldas y los pantalones faldas no deben de ser mas cortos  que la midad del muslo (Cuando el estudiante está de pie derecho con sus manos a su lado).

Banneker Elementary 

Uniform Clothing Guidelines 2018-2019 

Uniform Shirts 

  • Colors – White, Light Blue, Navy, Navy, Black, Gold 
  • Shirts must have sleeves ranging from short to full length 
  • Shirt types may include – polo, turtleneck, dress, or plain collard. 
  • Shirts may not have – lettering, pictures, logos, labels, or designs 
  • Shirts must fit students and be tucked in at all times 
  • Students may wear – sweaters, crewnecks, v-necks, cardigan vests, or sweatshirts in White, Light Blue, Navy, Navy, Black or Gold with a collared shirt underneath. ***All long sleeve undershirts must be solid (plain) white, navy, black, grey. 
  • No hoodies or jackets (unless a medical reason requires) will be allowed to be worn in the building. 

Pants, Shorts and Skirts 

  • Colors- Navy, Khaki, Black (No denim jeans, sweatpants, sport pants, or cargo pants with side pockets). 
  • Pant Styles- Slacks, Shorts, Skirts, Skorts, Jumpers 
  • Styles must fit at the waist or a belt must be worn. Sagging will not be allowed. 
  • Hems of slacks must not drag on the ground. 
  • Hems of shorts, skirts, skorts, and jumpers must be no shorter than mid-thigh. (When the student is standing up straight with their hands at their side) 
  • Leggings and tights can be worn under skirts and dresses. They need to be solid (plain) white, black or navy blue. 


  • Students may wear tennis shoes, boots and dress shoes. No sandals, Open toed shoes (accept for concerts, promotion ceremonies or special field trips), or flip flops may be worn at school. 

Additional Uniform Requirements for all students 

  • All styles must fit the student. 
  • Headwear may be worn only if approved for religious reasons. 
  • Articles related to gangs or gang activities such jewelry, emblems, symbols, or other related items will be prohibited. 

Rational for School Uniform Policy 

  • A uniform will allow students to be less immersed in following fashion trends and more focused on learning and achieving. 
  • Uniforms encourage students to develop their personal attributes in ways other than dress such as, personality, Intellect, effort, and skills. 
  • Evidence shows that enforced uniform policies bring a level of safety to a school, a decline in truancy and an increase in attendance. 
  • Uniforms bring an image of success to a school. 

Special Situations When Dress Code May Change 

  • Spirit days will specified on school calendar. 
  • Wednesdays (PE4Life) – students may wear sweat suits or sweat pants in Blue, Black, or Grey with Blue or Gold Tee Shirt or Banneker Spirit wear 
  • Banneker spirit wear may be worn in place of school uniform shirt at any time. 
  • Dress down days will occur every Friday for a $1 donation to student council…dates will be listed in the school calendar. No more Dress Down on the last day of each month. Our school dress code still applies on dress down days. 

Lindbergh Elementary School

Uniform Policy

Khaki, navy, or black pants or shorts (to knee), fitting snug at the waist

Belts required if pants do not fit snug at the waist. 

(Girls may also wear skirts, capris, or jumpers.)

Plain* blue, black, or white collared shirt (short or long sleeves)

  * Plain means solid-colored with no visible designer labels, marks, emblems, logos

All Lindbergh t-shirts will be acceptable any day of the week.

Rationale for School Uniform Policy

Uniforms will eliminate discipline problems due to dress code violations (baggy, saggy pants; no belts; inappropriate logos on shirts; short/shirts that are too revealing).

Uniforms will help eliminate problems related to socio-economic differences as seen in students' clothing.

Uniforms will help eliminate bullying due to differences in appearance.

Uniforms will help provide an environment conducive to learning and free from distractions caused by clothing issues.

Uniforms help students to develop a sense of pride and "professionalism" related to their job as learners, thereby increasing student achievement.

John F. Kennedy Elementary



Colors: White, Navy Blue, Khaki, and Black

  • Tops may not be sleeveless
  • Tops must have a collar
  • Shirt must be polo shirts (with a solid color collar) or turtleneck in the above colors, whatever is visible underneath the polo shirts MUST comply with uniform colors ( i.e. if your child is wearing a polo shirt and has long-sleeves underneath the polo shirt, the long-sleeves must comply with school colors).
  • Shirts must not have any LETTERING, PICTURES, LOGOS, LABELS, or DESIGNS unless it is approved school logo.
  • Shirts must fit properly and must be tucked in at all times
  • Students may wear sweaters, cardigan vests, or sweatshirts when worn with polo shirt underneath (collar must be visible).  The sweater or sweatshirt MUST comply with school uniform colors.


Colors: Navy Blue, Khaki, and Black

  • Styles: slacks, shorts (must be knee length) skirts (knee length or longer), capris, and jumpers; Slacks, shorts, and skirts must fit properly (no sagging or bagging)
  • Jeans are not allowed except for casual day.
  • Bottoms must not have any lettering, pictures, logos, labels nor designs unless it is the approved school logo.
  • Leggings can not be worn as pants! Leggings can be worn underneath skirts/pants and must comply with uniform colors. Absolutely no velour pants!

School Wear

Specific school sanctioned activity wear, such as school T-Shirts, may be worn when approved by the building principal.  There will be designated days set for special attire.


  • Clothing must properly cover the body and undergarments.
  • No “headwear” is to be worn, unless approved for religious/medical reasons.
  • Pants must fit properly and snugly at the waist.  Sagging and baggy pants will not be allowed. 
  • Students may not wear coats, jackets, or other outerwear in class.
  • Articles related to gangs or gang activities such as jewelry, emblems, symbols, or other related items or evidence of membership is prohibited.


            Sanctions that will apply to those students who refuse to conform to the School Wear policy.  Student will be brought to the principal’s office where an attempt to resolve the issue will be made.  Parents will immediately be notified of the problem and asked to bring appropriate dress to school.  Failure to comply with the dress code after the introductory 2 weeks (new students) will be handled according to the District Code of Conduct and Uniform/Dress Code Policies and Procedures. 

McKinley Elementary School

Uniform Policy

McKinley Elementary requires students to wear a school uniform everyday. Here are the uniform colors and styles.


  • Pants or shorts should be Tan, Black or Navy Blue (they should be snug, not loose at the waist and for the shorts, they must be knee length) 
  • Shirts should be White, Navy Blue, Light Blue or Black (long or short sleeve with a collar)


  • Pants, Skirts, Skorts, Shorts or Dresses should be Tan, Black or Navy Blue (skirts, shorts, skorts or dresses should be knee length, snug at waist, not loose or too tight) (when wearing skirts or dresses shorts must be worn under them)
  • Shirts should be White, Navy Blue, Light Blue or Black (long or short sleeve with a collar)

**If the student has a McKinley t-shirt that also may be used as a uniform.

If your child is out of uniform, we will call you to bring a change of clothes.

If you have any questions please call the office.