Quindaro Elementary School — Uniform Guidelines

"Striving For and Expecting Excellence ... Begins with ME"

  1. Statement of Policy

School uniforms have the potential to improve the overall school climate where children develop positive attributes, bridge socioeconomic differences, increase self-esteem and self-respect, promote good behavior, improve safety, and increase attendance.  These conditions will ultimately foster higher student achievement

  1. Commencement of Uniform Policy

The mandatory uniform policy shall be effective on the students first day of the 2017-2018 school year.

C.  Description of Uniform

A standardized dress code has been developed at Quindaro Elementary to provide parents/students with an inexpensive and readily available standardized dress that could be purchased locally at most clothing, department and discount stores.

Uniform Shirts

  • Solid white, black, navy blue or red color.
  • Shirts are to be collared or turtleneck in style, long or short sleeved.
  • No logos, emblems, or designs are to be on the shirts.
  • T-shirts may be worn only as undershirts. The length of the shirt should be reasonable and should be tucked into the student’s pants/shorts/skirts etc..  Over sized or above the waist are not acceptable.

Sweatshirts, Vests, Sweaters

  • All sweatshirts, vests and sweaters must be the same colors as the uniform shirt: white, black, navy blue or red color.
  • No hoods, emblems, or designs are to be on sweatshirts, vests or sweaters.
  • Quilted down vests are not allowed.
  • Polar fleece sweatshirts, vests and sweaters will be allowed.
  • These items are not to be worn around the waist or shoulders.
  • A collared uniform shirt must be worn underneath a sweatshirt, vest or sweater.

Pants, Shorts and Skirts

  • All pants, shorts and skirts worn will be black, khaki or navy blue.
  • No logo, emblems, or designs are to be worn anywhere.
  • No sweat, leggings, jeggings or sport pants will be allowed in place of uniform pants.
  • Shorts must be worn, as close to the knee as possible; if the length is not close to the knee, an administrator will make a judgment about the length.
  • Skirts must be worn as close to the knee as possible; if the length is not close to the knee, a judgment about the length will be made by an administrator.
  • Slits in skirts cannot exceed the knee.
  • Inappropriate tightness/sagging and length of clothes will not be permitted and will be dealt with by the administration.

D. Guidelines for Implementing School Uniforms

Compliance Measures:

  • Students who refuse or repeatedly fail to comply with the uniform requirements shall be subject to disciplinary actions as set forth in the USD 500 Code of Conduct and Quindaro Student Handbook.  Disciplinary actions include:
  1. Students who refuse to comply shall not be allowed to attend classes.  A parent contact shall be made prior to action, and the student will either be assigned to Recovery Room for the remainder of the school day or the student’s parent will be asked to bring their uniform to the school.  The parent may also be asked to remove the student from the school for the duration of the day.
  2. Students who repeatedly refuse to comply with the uniform measures may be suspended from school for up to three school days.  The student’s parent will be notified prior to the suspension.
  3. Students who have been suspended for failure to comply and who nevertheless continue to refuse to comply may either be given a period of additional suspension.  The student and the student’s parent will be notified as to the District’s due process procedures prior to the additional suspension.

No student shall be considered noncompliant with the Dress Code policy in the following instances:

When noncompliance derives from a financial hardship.