School Attendance Matters!


September is School Attendance Month! Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools is celebrating throughout the month by creating awareness about the incredible impact attending school plays on student achievement and success.

There are many advantages to regularly attending classes.

Attending class every day and on time helps students stay on track with their learning goals. There is strong evidence in support of this statement according to KCKPS data.  For example, the graduation rate for KCKPS 9th grade students with an attendance rate of 95% or better is significantly higher at 86% compared to students with an attendance rate that is less. Those students with less than a 95% attendance rate only graduated 48.6% of the time.

This strong correlation between attendance and graduation is one of the reasons that 9th grade attendance is a far better predictor of graduation than test scores. And that’s why showing up to school every day, on time, being prepared and ready to learn are stressed by teachers, administrators and staff at the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools.

Besides the benefits of graduating on time and on track, there are social and emotional advantages to attending school. Students are able to form lasting relationships with peers, build communication skills, boost confidence, become exposed to new and innovative practices and participate in afterschool activities and enrichment programs.

“Showing up to school is about each student learning the educational basics and developing a solid foundation that will place them on the proper pathway to reaching their academic and career goals or graduating Diploma+. This is the ultimate goal we are working toward with all of our students from as early as pre-K to the day they step across the stage and graduate from high school,” said Kansas City, Kansas Program and Prevention Specialist Rosie Rodriguez.

Throughout the month of September, Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools is celebrating the importance of attendance and the great benefits for our students.

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