KCK Board of Education Honors December Employees of the Month


December 2013 Employees of the Month.

Steve McGill

During my time with the district, I was fortunate to work with Steve as he assisted in many areas needing his expertise as a mechanic and welder.  Regardless of the request, Steve was the picture of professionalism.  Along with being a mechanic, Steve is an expert welder.  He has fixed and put back together anything and everything from metal desks, to xylophones to equipment for students who are vision impaired.  He truly loves his work and works to make the life of others happier and easier thru his contributions.  I am honored to call Steve my friend and colleague.  He is truly one of a kind.
-- Sincerely, Theresa Van Goethem, consultant

Tammy Haught

Tammy Haught is a great 3rd grade teacher at Whittier Elementary who always goes above and beyond in her classroom.  The special touch that Tammy adds around the holidays is why I feel she should be recognized as an employee of the month.  Tammy has taken it upon herself to offer a free "holiday shop" in her classroom for the second year in a row. She has reached out for donations through her family and friends, and always obtains enough items so that each member in the household gets a gift.  What a great feeling for each student to be able to give to their loved ones during the holiday season!  Especially considering the majority of her students are from low income families.   Keep up the great work Tammy!  You are truly appreciated.
-- Sincerely, Erin Clemmons, friend

-- December 12, 2013 News Release