KCK Board of Education Honors March Employees of the Month


March 2014 Employees of the Month.

Marie McFeders & Kerry Wrenick

"With unending joy and patience, Kerry Wrenick and Marie McFeders are always willing to assist those in need. They help provide not only continuity of education, but they also assist with those things that many people take for granted every day: toothpaste, soap, clothing, shoes, socks, and many other necessities. As the need for assistance has increased, Kerry and Marie have met the challenge and have succeeded. It is a joy to work with Kerry and Marie as their positivity has spread throughout the district. No task is too small or too large. They both are gracious and sensitive to those who are served by the McKinney-Vento Program."
-- Sincerely, Ann-Marie Jackson, Migrant Data Specialist

Carolyn Chambers

"Carolyn Chambers has been a teacher in our district for 12 years and is the Tier 2/3 Reading Instruction Coordinator and a vital part of the Leadership and Literacy Teams at Welborn Elementary School. Her love and dedication to the profession can be seen in her work. During the school hours, Mrs. Chambers works with 1st through 3rd grade students as a Tier 2 teacher. Besides her role as a teacher, she takes on many other duties, and her leadership role is valued. She serves on the Literacy and Leadership teams where she brings her expertise and insightfulness. It is for these and many more reasons we want to honor Carolyn Chambers as employee of the month."
-- Sincerely, Jamila A. Harris-Smith, Counselor

-- March 25, 2014 News Release