KCK Board of Education Honors December 2014 Employees of the Month


Several employees were honored this week by the Board of Education for their outstanding service and dedication. Congratulations to December Employees of the Month: Officer Alvaro Agon, police officer with the KCKPS Police Department; and Tina Wells and Amanda Griffin, 5th grade teachers at White Church Elementary School. The following are excerpts from their nominations:

eom1214 1

Officer Alvaro Agon

“Officer Agon has such a presence at Rosedale Middle School. He is always out in the halls and attending to his duties. He always has a smile for every person he encounters. Officer Agon is able to speak Spanish to our parents and he is very involved and helpful to them. You can watch him and see how much he cares for our students. I appreciate his friendly attitude and his professionalism that he always displays. He is the best officer we have had a Rosedale in a long time.”

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Tina Wells and Amanda Griffin

“Tina Wells and Amanda Griffin have been an amazing teaching team for the past seven years. They are experts at making learning engaging and fun for their students. They go above and beyond to make sure the culture of our building is positive and inviting for students and families, so much so that their former students often come back to visit them. Wells and Griffin not only care about their students educational needs but also about their personal lives. It is because of the relationships they build that their students strive even harder to do their best academically. I have watched them go beyond their responsibilities as teachers, whether it means staying late to meet with parents, tutoring students or participating in the many evening activities our parent organization puts on at school, with enthusiasm! They consistently plan out new and fun ways to make the curriculum come alive for their students.

As a team, Tina Wells and Amanda Griffin have made such an impact on White Church Elementary! They have encouraged and inspired their students, as well as staff, to be positive and motivated to learn. They are the definition of ‘excellent educators’.”