KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month for September


September Students of the Month.

Melinna Salas, 3rd grade

Noble Prentis Elementary School
Nominated by: David E. Berry, Teacher
"When working with Melinna, it is immediately clear that she is exceptional. Each and every day, she quietly finishes every bit of work she is given; without complaint, and always with her best effort. Melinna is a kind, thoughtful, quiet achiever. It is remarkable that she can understand a task, skill strategy or objective after being shown once. One of her great strengths is she is a team player. Outside of school, Melinna is an avid soccer player. She is showing great promise as an athlete. Melinna Salas is definitely should be considered as a student of the month".
-- Sincerely, David E. Berry, Teacher

Liliana Rodriguez Calderon, 8th grade

Argentine Middle School
Nominated by: Kathy Rosenberg , & David Bean, Teachers
"Liliana works well with other students. She is always willing to help students that are having problems in math. She always turns in her homework and she does well on her tests. Lily consistently keeps up with her grades in all of her classes. She is a joy to have in class and I highly recommend her".

-- Sincerely, Kathy Rosenberg and David Bean, Teachers

Joanna Perez, 12th grade

J.C. Harmon High School
Nominated by: Steve Howard, Teacher
"Joanna Perez is a special young lady. I am continually surprised at the amount of time she gives of herself. As accomplished as her career has been, she always finds time for others. When needed, she will help tutor classmates and younger students, often using her bilingual skills. Joanna would be described as a 'people person' with high energy. She is a dedicated, hard working student willing to take on challenges. Joanna is a focused, caring young lady that has set high aspiration for her future".
-- Sincerely, Steve Howard, Teacher

-- October 7, 2013 News Release

KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month for May


May 2015 KCK Public Schools, Students of the Month - Back row (from left) Alejandro Mendoza, 11th grade, Wyandotte High School, Abrianna Mitchell, 8th grade, West Middle School, Adrian Damian, 11th grade, Wyandotte High School, Front row (from left) Victor Ortiz, pre-K, Morse Elementary School, & Victoria Duran, Kindergarten, Bethel Elementary School.


That the Kansas City Board of Education recognize Victor Ortiz Lara from Morse Early Childhood Center, Victoria Duran from Bethel Elementary, Abrianna Mitchell from West Middle School and Alejandro Mendoza & Adrian Damian from Wyandotte High School as Students of the Month as recommended by Dr. Cynthia Lane, Superintendent of Schools.

Victor Ortiz Lara, Pre-K
Morse Early Childhood Center
Nominated by: Amanda Sherer & Firdaus Daud, Teacher & Associate Teacher

“Victor is a positive role model for his peers both academically and socially.  He follows classroom rules and instructions.  Victor strives to achieve his goals and inspires his classmates to do the same.  We are very proud to nominate Victor as student of the month.” 

Amanda Sherer, Pre-K Teacher & Firdaus Daud, Associate Teacher

Victoria Duran, Kindergarten
Bethel Elementary School
Nominated by: Jennifer Storey

“Victoria is a terrific kindergarten student!  She comes to school prepared and eager to learn every day.  Her peers view her as a role model because of the positive behavior she constantly displays in class.  I am very proud of her and the academic growth she has shown thus far in kindergarten.  I am happy to nominate her as elementary student of the month.” 

Jennifer Storey, Kindergarten Teacher

Abrianna Mitchell, 8th grade
West Middle School
Nominated by: Rachael Anderson, Teacher

“Abrianna Mitchell is a dedicated and conscientious student. She is always prepared and goes above and beyond. She is seen as a leader by both her peers and her teacher for the outstanding work and time she devotes to the school. She will persevere through work even when it is difficult.  She serves as a shining example to others of what is capable when you try!” 

Rachael Anderson, Teacher

Alejandro Mendoza, 11th grade & Adrian Damian, 11th
Wyandotte High School
Nominated by: Sarah Frohmberg, Teacher

“Both Alejandro & Adrian have impressed me and all of their teachers----with their commitment to excellence.  Alejandro & Adrian are friends and encourage each other to be the best; in class, in sports, and in the community.  They are committed to being leaders.  Both Alejandro & Adrian’s commitment to their academics is clear, not only by their grades, but also by their conduct.  They are responsible and turn their work in on time and often stay after school to work on assignments before they are due.  They both bring positive energy to whatever they decide to accomplish.  They are both extremely intelligent and it is clear they are serious about their education and have definite plans to attend college and give back to their community.  I am excited for their futures!!” 

Sarah Frohmberg, Teacher

KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month - May 2017

The Kansas City Board of Education recognize Bawi Sang from Earl Watson Jr., ECC, Josue Daniel Molina Cardona from John Fiske Elementary, Jayden Alcala from Silver City Elementary, Maritza Hernandez Moralez from St. Pt. North Elementary, Mi Mi Htay from West Middle, Cung Tin Thang from Washington High School and Morgan Thoele from Gateway to College at Donnelly College as Students of the Month as recommended by Dr. Cynthia Lane, Superintendent of Schools. 


Bawi Sang, Pre K
Earl Watson Jr., ECC
Nominated by: Amy Neal, teacher, Sarah Hemmen, teacher & Debbie Byers, para

 “Bawi is such a joy to have in class!!  He has made leaps and bounds this school year.   When he first began, he spoke and understood very little English.  He was not able to name letters, count, or answer simple questions about our books/stories.  However, he has worked hard at school and at home and is one of our top students!  He is very creative – a true artist!!  During center time, he often chooses to make books.  His books often rival my own!  His drawings have such details and he is even starting to sound out words and write them to describe his illustrations.  Bawi has a great sense of humor, often even cracking jokes with the other children. We are all amazed with his progress and so enjoy having him with us each day.”  Sincerely, Amy Neal, Sarah & Debbie Byers

Josue Daniel Molina Cardona, 2nd grade
John Fiske Elementary School
Nominated by: Sarah Mendez, ESL teacher & Susana Ramirez, 2nd grade teacher

“I am very proud of Josue Daniel!  He started as a newcomer ESL student at the end of January 2016 and he is doing great!  He came to this country from Honduras with no prior experience with English.  In the 15 months that he has been in this country, he has conquered social English.  He has worked extremely hard and is on grade level in math, writing, science and social studies.  He passed a level M on his Fountas & Pinnell assessment and that puts him as reading on grade level and has therefore made 3 year of growth in just over a year!!  He is always eager to work on whatever is asked of him so that he can improve!  He also gets along with all of his classmates. ” Sincerely, Sarah Mendez, ESL teacher & Susana Ramirez, 2nd grade teacher 

Jayden Alcala, 3rd grade
Silver City Elementary School
Nominated by: Peggy Reisinger, Bus Driver for Transportation

“My name is Peggy and I drive a school bus for our district and I have for 5 years   I pick up a young man, Jayden Alcala, who attends Silver City and he is in the 3rd grade.  About 6 weeks ago he said to me, ‘Do you want to know what I think of you?’  I thought, oh boy, this young man has a smart mouth, not as in smart aleck, but as in smart mouth!  He continued by saying….I like the way you are always on time, never early, never late.  I never have to guess you are always here and I appreciate that!  WOW!  This kid must have heard his folks talking. But then last week he asked me how do I open the door on the bus and I showed him on the steering wheel.  But I also showed him how to open the door in case of an emergency, and told him if for some reason I was ever laying over the wheel or the bus ever caught on fire, he and the kids would need to use the emergency door and get out.  But then he looked at me and said, ‘But what about you?’ I said, what about me?  And he told me, ‘Well if I go you are going too, even if I have to pull you out by your hair, if I go, I will not leave without you!’  Something inside of me melted right then…never would a boy this age could think about something so brave!  I wanted you to know how great and special this young man is.  I am proud to say I am his bus driver.” Sincerely, Peggy Reisinger, bus driver for Transportation

Maritza Hernandez Moralez, 5th grade
St. Pt. North Elementary School
Nominated by:  Ray Lipovac, Physical Education Teacher

“It is a goal of every educator to have very high standards for their students and then to have the students rise to the level of the teacher’s expectations.  Maritza is a 5th grader at St. Pt. North and has been a very high achiever in all her school activities. She has exceeded the level of my expectations in all of the years that I have been her teacher.   She has also been a terrific helper outside of her classroom.  In March 2017, Maritza helped a team of four other Stony Point North students win $2,500 for our school in a health related contest through the ‘KC Healthy Kids I Am Here’ contest.  The group spoke in front of over 400 students and adults at the Kansas City Convention Center. In this same contest in March 2016, Maritza and four other 4th grade students spoke in front of over 250 adults at the Kaufmann Center and our school won $3,500 as the Grand prize winners! This year on April 28, 2017, Maritza was the First Place finisher for the girls in the two mile run for the ‘Are You Faster Than a 5th Grader?’ event!!  She is well liked by all staff & students in our building.”  Sincerely, Ray Lipovac, Physical Education Teacher

Mi Mi Htay, 8th grade
West Middle School
Nominated by: Christine Young, ELA teacher

“Mi Mi is an 8th grader at West Middle School.  She is a quiet student and works very hard.  What impressed me the most about her is how hard she works to demonstrate her understanding of any work she is given.  Mimi is a quiet student who I kept urging to ask questions, listen and then revise her work to make it better.  She was quick to submit her work, but she never complained about having to revise her work to make improvements.  She continued to bring in revised work with improvements and took pride when it was done correctly.  Mimi is now better able to evaluate her own work and is a student who is eager to receive feedback.  She reads it and applies it to her classwork and to her writing. Over the course of this year, I have seen the organization of her work improve greatly as she develops her writing skills.  Now she writes high quality essays and I am proud of the progress she has made.  Mimi can be counted on to look over the work of other students she teams up with, and gives them helpful feedback and they are now making corrections before they submit their work to me.  I see Mimi as a young lady who will continue to improve her work as she enters high school and beyond!”  Sincerely, Christine Young, ELA teacher

Cung Tin Thang, 12th grade
Washington High School
Nominated by:  Patrick McCormack, AFJROTC Senior Aerospace Science Instructor

“Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Cung Thang is an amazing young man.  He is a Squadron Commander in our 260 plus cadet leadership and character building program.  He is personally responsible for the training and actions of our 2nd year cadets.  Cadet Thang is an incredible leader, trusted by those he commands and by those above him. Everything he does he does with precision, pride and excellence.   His life story is a testimony that the American dream is still alive and well!  He arrived in this country less than 6 years ago as a refugee from Burma.  He spoke little, if any English.  In the years that have followed he has worked hard and mastered the language, to add to the other two he speaks.  He has achieved a near 4.0 GPA in high school, ranking near the top of a very competitive class.  He was selected for the National Honor Society as a sophomore, and is now the President of our chapter of this very prestigious organization of academic superstars.  Cadet Thang has earned many other awards and it is an honor to nominate one of the best of our district!”  Sincerely, Lt. Col. Patrick McCormick

Morgan Thoele, 12th grade
Gateway to College at Donnelly College
Nominated by: Juan Rangel & Staff

“Morgan Thoele first came to Gateway to College in the fall semester 2015, and we were pleased to receive him.  He possessed real potential for becoming successful with the program. But as first semester progressed, Morgan became less committed.  The same behaviors he exhibited in high school began to become a daily occurrence.  He didn’t complete that first semester.  He returned to Gateway Spring 2017 and had a completely different demeanor and attitude regarding his education.  Morgan transitioned to college classes and will graduate this May, 2017 with his high school diploma plus college credits.  We are so very proud of his achievements!  Following are a couple of lines from Morgan’s personal testimony:  ‘My life before Gateway to College was not heading in the right path, I was almost never at school and I wasn’t passing.  I had no intentions on completing my high school education and had no thought of myself make it even further than that.  I was hanging out with the wrong crowd, now that I look back at it, we weren’t even having fun…we were just being dumb. I knew I needed to make a change.  I will always thank the Gateway to College program for giving me a second chance!  I cannot stress enough now important education is.  Just a year or two ago I was the main one who didn’t care about my education.  Now I realize that this was all for the best and I took advantage of this opportunity to further my education.  My future goals are to become a computer engineer, and own my own business.  Gateway to College has helped me in so many ways! ” Sincerely, Susan Hodges, Reading/writer Instructor

KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month for May 2016

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The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education honored three students as Students of the Month at their meeting on May 10, 2016.  Students are pictured (back row, Cynthia Botello, 12th grader, F.L. Schlagle High School, Anthony Goodwin, 8th grader, West Middle School, front row, Anthony Jenkins, 5th grader New Chelsea Elementary.) 


That the Kansas City Board of Education recognize Anthony Jenkins, 5th grade from New Chelsea Elementary, Anthony Goodwin, 8th grade from West Middle School and Cynthia Botello, 12th grade from F.L. Schlage for Students of the Month as recommended by Dr. Cynthia Lane, Superintendent of Schools.


Anthony Jenkins, 5th grade
New Chelsea Elementary School
Nominated by: Shannon McBroom, teacher

“Anthony Jenkins, 5th grader from New Chelsea Elementary is a child who has had some problems but this year has made some big changes.  Anthony became involved in the music program where he played the role of Mick Jagger.  He loved it so much, but I told him he had to do his work or he could not continue to be in the program.  As a result Anthony has not been in recovery since he began working in the musical!!  He tells me ‘music is my thing’!  He has been doing his work and turning in assignments.  He also just recently did a really heroic thing.  Our school bench was stolen from our playground at school.  We were very sad because we liked to watch moms sit on the bench and visit after they dropped their kids off.  Anthony loves to ride his bike after school and seemed to be the eyes and ears of the neighborhood.  He found the bench in an old vacant house.  He then returned to school and informed Mrs. Searcy (Our recovery teacher) and told him to get Officer Blunt.  He and Officer Blunt went to the vacant house and retrieved the bench and came proudly walking up the sidewalk of our school carrying it.  I know Anthony has not made straight A’s but he has made many improvements and has such a wonderful heart.”

Shannon McBroom, teacher, New Chelsea Elementary

Anthony Goodwin, 7th grade
West Middle School
Nominated by: Caitlin McCollum, Teacher, and the 7th grade team

“Anthony Goodwin, 7th grader has been selected as our student of the month at West Middle School.  All of his teachers describe him as a diligent student who always works hard to get his work turned in on time and to the best of his ability.  Anthony gives an outstanding effort and consistently asks questions of his peers and teachers when he needs support.  Further, Anthony’s maturity and respectful attitude are demonstrated by his cheerful attitude both in and out of the classroom.  Anthony acts as a positive leader and role model for his peers by avoiding conflict and promoting learning through positive peer interactions.  Anthony is deserving of being recognized as student of the month because he is an excellent model for his peers and a pleasure to have in class every day!” 

Caitlin McCollum and the 7th grade team

Cynthia Botello, 12th grade
F. L. Schlagle High School
Nominated by: Raneka Truelove, Teacher

“Cynthia Botello, senior is a rock star!!  I truly admire her hard-work and perseverance! She is an exceptional student because she refuses to give up.  If there is something put in front of her that may initially overwhelm her, she asks the questions she needs to ask, buckles down and works her heart out until she has arrived as conqueror.  I appreciate and admire her heart to move in excellence!  She will graduate this year and I am very proud of her. Cynthia rocks it!” 

Raneka Truelove, English Language Arts Teacher  

KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month for October


October Students of the Month.

J'aniuyah Harris, 5th grade

New Stanley Elementary School
Nominated by: Christy Waugh, Teacher
"We want to nominate J'aniuyah Harris for Student of the Month. She has shown fortitude throughout her lessons here at New Stanley in P.E., Music, Art, Library and Science. Her presence stands out as one who is in charge of her learning ... We feel that she is very deserving of such an honor because of her unwavering attitude towards her learning."
-- Sincerely, Christy Waugh, Teacher

Anthonio Rollins, 8th grade

Eisenhower Middle School
Nominated by: Poonam Sharma & Quinn White, Teachers
"Anthonio is an excellent student. He comes to school every day ready to learn ... He is a hard worker and likes to give his best ... We feel very fortunate to have Anthonio Rollins at Eisenhower Middle School. He will be an excellent choice for Student of the Month."
-- Sincerely, Poonam Sharma and Quinn White, Teachers

Gabriel "Gabe" Garcia, 12th grade

J.C. Harmon High School
Nominated by: Cheryl McDonald, Beth McMillen, Kameisha White
"Gabriel Garcia, Gabe, is currently a senior at J.C. Harmon ... One of Gabe's IEP goals is to work. For the 2nd school year year in a row Gabe is working at the 8th Street YMCA. Gabe was recently honored thru the greater Kansas City YMCA as a "Super Hero" whose super power is "Spreading Joy!" ... Gabe Garcia would be an excellent choice for Student of the Month."
-- Sincerely, Cheryl McDonald, Beth McMillen, Kameisha White

-- November 4, 2013 News Release