KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month - February 2017

The Kansas City Board of Education recognize Jhaden Toyloy from Earl Watson Jr., Early Childhood Center, Agustin Ruiz from New Stanley Elementary, Yahaira Lopez from West Middle School and Jose Rueda from F.L. Schlagle High School as Students of the Month as recommended by Dr. Cynthia Lane, Superintendent of Schools.

som 02.17

Congratulations to the February Students of the Month honored by the Board of Education at their meeting on February 28, 2017.  They are; (back row, from left) Jose Rueda from F.L. Schlagle High School, Yahaira Lopez from West Middle School, (front row)  Jhaden Toyloy   from Earl Watson Jr., Early Childhood Center. (Not pictured, Agustin Ruiz, 5th grade, New Stanley Elementary School.) 

Jhaden Toyloy, Pre-K
Earl Watson Jr., Early Childhood Center
Nominated by: Amanda Murphy, teacher at Earl Watson Jr., Early Childhood Center

“It is my honor to nominate Jhaden Toyloy for student of the month.  Jhaden is a delight in the classroom.  He walks in every day with a huge smile on his face after ensuring that his younger brother has made it to his classroom.  Jhaden is a natural leader.  He sets a good example for his peers by displaying exemplary behavior and social skills.  Jhaden is polite, courteous, has a great sense of humor and a contagious smile.  It is truly a joy to have Jhaden in my class!”  Sincerely, Amanda Murphy, teacher at Earl Watson Jr., Early Childhood Center

Agustin Ruiz, 5th grade
New Stanley Elementary School
Nominated by: Mr. Mark Hall, 5th grade teacher, New Stanley Elementary

“What a difference a year makes!  Prior to this year, Agustin Ruiz would go through the motions of being a student.  He never really applied himself to the academic portion of school.  He has always been a good athlete and quick to flash a smile.  After watching his soccer team play one Saturday, I approached Agustin about the subject of effort.  I told him I noticed that on the soccer pitch, he was determined to be known as more than an average player.  He played with his heart AND mind.  I encouraged him to devote the same type of effort to his school work.  During the 2nd quarter, Agustin raised his reading scores four instructional levels and he improved his MAP Reading score by more than 30 points!  Agustin has embraced the understanding that you can be dedicated to both sports AND academics….it’s about the way you think about it and what’s in your heart.”  Sincerely, Mr. Mark Hall, 5th grade teacher, New Stanley Elementary

Yahaira Lopez, 7th grade
West Middle School
Nominated by: Christine L. Young, teacher

“Yahaira Lopez is an outstanding student here at West Middle School.  She is helpful to her peers and can be counted on to be a leader and step up in the classroom.  She assists students, but does not just give them the answer.  I have observed her helping her peers manage conflicts in positive ways.  She receives straight “A’s” and is a member of National Junior Honor Society.  She came to me for a recommendation to be a part of the junior honor society.  I recommended she try asserting herself because she was so quiet, others did not know how much knowledge she had.  I have seen real growth in Yahaira, from the way she was in 6th grade.  She is more of a risk taker by speaking out responding to questions, she makes presentations to the class using a voice loud enough to be heard, and the way she responds to corrective feedback when it comes to her work is great.  I think she demonstrates the kind of qualities and character traits to be the student of the month!”  Sincerely, Christine L. Young, teacher at West Middle School

Jose Rueda, 11th grade
F.L. Schlagle High School
Nominated by:  Sarah Evans, Chemistry teacher

“Jose is very curious, always asking questions to ensure he understands a topic, but also asking questions for the sake of learning new information and satiating his curiosity.  Jose frequently seeks to understand a topic beyond the basic level and will seek to learn new things about Chemistry and how and why certain elements are unstable, or as yet unknown.  Jose is respectful to adults and fellow students alike, and will often help students who are struggling with a concept. I am very proud of Jose and enjoy being his teacher.  Thank you for considering him as the high school student of the month for February, 2017.”  Sincerely, Sarah Evans, Chemistry teacher