KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month - April 2017

The Kansas City Board of Education recognize Cassidy “CJ” Reno from Central Middle, Demitra Carter from Sumner Academy of Arts & Science, Corrina Woods from NCO Early Childhood Center & Oliva Brown from Eugene Ware Elementary as the Students of the Month for April 2017, as recommended by Dr. Cynthia Lane, Superintendent of Schools.


Corrina Woods, Pre-K, NCO Early Childhood Center
Nominated by: Katie Brooks, Teacher at NCO ECC

“To be the student nominated for such a high honor, one must show characteristics that are above and beyond all others in the classroom.  Corrina is that student!  This tiny, but mighty, girl comes into the classroom with a very loud hello every morning and an equally bright smile! Corrina is the type of student who puts the needs of others before her own.  Corrina is in an inclusive classroom and sees no difference between the other students in her class.  She will encourage others to try their hardest when they don’t believe in themselves. It is a pleasure to nominate Corrina Woods from NCO Early Childhood Center.”

Olivia Brown, 5th grade, Eugene Ware Elementary
Nominated by: Collette Chaney, Principal at Eugene Ware

“Olivia Brown has been at Eugene Ware Elementary since Kindergarten and she stands out! She works so hard and always does all the extras.  Her teacher says that she is kind, gets along with her peers and is a problem solver.  She is talented in dance and is active in our tutoring program.  Olivia is one of those students that we count on for teachers.  If the teacher is away, she will be honest with a substitute and try and guide them about the classroom activities.  She is trustworthy, dependable and so sometimes can be overlooked. We want to celebrate her for her hard work, her talents and how kind she is.”

Cassidy “CJ” Reno, 6th grade, Central Middle
Nominated by: Ashley Kuch, Teacher at Central Middle

“I would like to nominate a 6th grader, Cassidy “CJ” Reno for Student of the Month. CJ  is a very hard worker and loves a good challenge! She always asks for extra things to do to help me or other students.  She is involved in many extra activities including Honors Orchestra, manager of a sports team at school, Battle of the Books, and so much more.  Even with this much going on beyond her schoolwork, giving it 110% and I am very proud of her.  CJ has big dreams in her heart and I know she will achieve every single one of those dreams because of her determination and persistence.  Remember her name, she will make it big!!”

Demitra Carter, 12th grade, Sumner Academy of Arts & Science
Nominated by: Dave Oland, Social Studies Teacher

“I am very, very, proud to nominate Ms. Demitra Carter for high school student of the month.  I have her in 3 different classes so I have gotten to know her very well.  Demitra is a great student, so full of attention and respect. She helps others often when they are struggling in most any subject or skill.  Some evidence is her 4.0 GPA, being on the honor roll 4 years in a row, a 4 year member of both NHS and Spanish National Honor Society.  Not to mention an ACT score of 25.  In addition to these achievements, she is an extremely talented and hardworking athlete. She has been a National AAU Track & Field Olympian for the last 4 years and serves as a track captain for her teams.  And true to who she is, she has also been mentoring younger track team members for the last 3 years.  Demitra is full of musical, athletic and other talents.  She is a real-life Wonder Woman, who is powerful beyond her words!”