College Planning

As a parent, you can be the most important person in determining if your teenager attends college or university. Here is some research-backed advice that can make the most difference.

  • Start to talk about college or university with your child from early adolescence on. Especially during the last two years of high school, discussions about career choices and post-secondary education are influential.
  • Discuss your education with your teen. Explain how your choices have made a difference in your life.
  • Encourage your teen to pursue her interests. For example, if she shows an interest in computers, talk about career opportunities in this field and the necessary educational requirements for employment.
  • Make sure your teen is aware of the grades needed for college or university. Help him to set realistic goals and achieve them.
  • Promote extracurricular activities that will help your teen to develop a wide range of interests, skills and experiences.
  • Explain how your daughter or son can use financial aid and scholarships to help pay tuition.

Source: Peel District School Board


As you and your teen prepare for the college journey, here are some resources to guide you ...

  • Timeline to Follow
  • College Application Resources
  • College Search
  • Scholarship Databases
  • Financial Aid Planning
  • College Entrance Tests