Student Recognition

The Student Recognition Program is designed to recognize students for their exemplary academic efforts, community service, citizenship, athletics, volunteer service, etc. If students are nominated for a reason besides academics, they should have demonstrated at least average academic effort, good school attendance and good discipline.

To nominate a student, please complete the nomination form here. If you have problems submitting the form online, hard copies should be submitted to your principal and then forwarded to the Communications office.

Congratulations to the November 2017 Students of the Month


Congratulations to the November Students of the Month honored by the Board of Education at their meeting on November 28, 2017. They are: (from left) Tiara Hopkins from 500 Reach Virtual Learning Center, Mariah Holst from Hazel Grove Elementary and Jared Ceron from F.L. Schlagle High. The following are excerpts from their nominations:

Mariah Holst, 3rd grade, Hazel Grove Elementary:

“Mariah Holst is one of our students and we are very fortunate to have her in our classroom. She consistently goes above and beyond to complete her assignments and is willing to work with any student in our class.”

Jared Ceron, 11th grade, F.L. Schlagle High:

“There are so many things I could say about Jared Ceron. He joined my class this semester and I already have seen him shine as a leader in the classroom. Jared exhibits all of the characteristics that make not only a successful Schlagle Stallion, but he also exudes a huge dose of good humor. Jared is a great representative of all of the spectacular students we have in this district.”

Tiara Hopkins, 12th grade, 500 Reach Virtual Learning Center:

“Tiara Hopkins is an awesome, eighteen-year-old student. Tiara is driven and very self-motivated. She was living and attending high school in Missouri when she became aware that she was behind in credits for graduation. She decided that she needed a change, so she moved in with her mother who lives in the KCKPS district. Tiara was among the first students to enroll in 500 Reach and is ontrack to graduate with her diploma in February 2018.”

Congratulations to the October 2017 Students of the Month


Congratulations to the October Students of the Month honored by the Board of Education at their meeting on October 24, 2017. They are: (from left) Eduardo Granados from Wyandotte High, Perkins Rietema from New Stanley Elementary and Lauren Romero-Sanchez from White Church Elementary. The following are excerpts from their nominations:

Eduardo Granados

“Eduardo is a student in my Applied Business Development class at Wyandotte High School. The focus of this class is an internship with Nutritional Services with a focus on the Breakfast in the Classroom program. He saw a problem and worked with Nutritional Services, Transportation, etc. to not only solve the problem but also connect more students to our school’s community. He is a truly remarkable and kind young man.”

Perkins Rietema

“Perkins is an amazing and outstanding student in our kindergarten classroom. He walked in on the first day with a smile and was ready to go. He has been a role-model student since that very first moment. He is excited about learning and helping others to learn in the classroom. We love having him in our classroom.”

Lauren Romero-Sanchez

“Lauren is an exceptional young lady who has impressed me since day one of the school year. She has a very strong work ethic and does nothing but her best work every single day. Lauren has a love for books that is so refreshing. She is truly one of our best and brightest stars.”

Congratulations to the September 2017 Students of the Month


Congratulations to the September Students of the Month honored by the Board of Education at their meeting on September 26, 2017. They are: (from left) Spencer Crosby from F.L. Schlagle High, Rosie Lopez from Eisenhower Middle, Melody Hawj from West Middle and Hector Plantillas, Jr. from Bethel Elementary.

Spencer Crosby, F.L. Schlagle High

“Spencer Crosby transferred to our school last year and has shown to be one of the most resilient students I have worked with. I have been so impressed with his ability to work collaboratively with both his peers and with adult mentors. I think Spencer will be a huge asset for the remainder of his time at Schlagle and we are excited to see the leader he will become.” – Teachers Stephanie Alderman-Oler and Sarah Evans

Rosie Lopez, Eisenhower Middle

“Rosie Lopez is one of the most considerate, genuinely helpful students I have had the opportunity to teach over the last several years. She goes out of her way to help other students, while pushing herself academically. She is involved in many school activities including orchestra, journalism and soccer. I can’t wait to see what she does in future.”  – Teacher Beth Edmonds

Melody Hawj, West Middle

“Melody is prepared to study every day and ready to learn. She works hard as a learner not only to follow, but to exceed classroom expectations. She is organized an independent. Melody puts a great deal of thought into each assignment, test and project. She is an asset in each of our classrooms, and we are glad to have her.” – Teachers Kathryn Carter-Brown, Bobbie Beverlin, Jill Burgdorfer, Sean Byron, Todd Duntz, Melisa Halstead, Lauren Hernandez, Richard Reeves, Dylan Smith, Sharon Smith, David Swartz, Cale Urban, Presley Wilson and Charles Bailes.

Hector Plantillas, Jr., Bethel Elementary

“When Hector came to our classroom, he fit in so well. In the beginning, he struggled a little, but always had a positive attitude and wanted to learn. Anytime you see Hector, he is smiling. Because of his positivity, Hector has made many friends in school. I am happy you came to Bethel Elementary and to my classroom.” – Teacher Ellen Yadric