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Board of Education Portrait

The KCKPS Board of Education (from L to R): Wanda Brownlee Paige,
Dr. Stacy Yeager, Yolanda Clark, Randy Lopez, Maxine Drew, Dr. Valdenia Winn, Janey Humphries

About the Board of Education

The Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools is governed by a seven-member body of citizens elected by the voters of the school district. These seven members are charged with making sure that the school district operates in the best interests of the students and the community. All members serve without pay.

The board of education is the school district’s governing body, as set forth in state and federal law. The board is responsible for setting district policy, adopting an annual budget, and approving of general district matters, including personnel, curriculum, facilities, and other district business matters. The board is responsible for hiring the superintendent of schools, and is responsible for overseeing the superintendent’s duties and performance.

Board of education meetings are normally held the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month at 5:00 p.m. in the third floor Board Room at the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools Central Office and Training Center, 2010 N. 59th Street. This year, several Board meetings are scheduled out in schools. The entire board meeting schedule can be found in the right submenu — “Meeting Calendar”. Except as otherwise provided by law, all meetings for the conduct of the affairs of and the transaction of business by the Board of Education of the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools shall be open to the public.

How to Address the Board

Those wishing to speak about a policy-related issue at a Board of Education meeting must make their request to the Board Clerk no later than noon the day prior to the Board meeting.

During the Community Comment section near the beginning of the meeting, each speaker will have three minutes to address the Board about policy-related matters. Derogatory or critical remarks about specific district personnel or students are inappropriate and will not be permitted.

If a speaker wishes to discuss a topic which is on the meeting agenda, the speaker’s comments will be deferred until that item is considered

Latest Board Re-Cap: November 9, 2021

Click here to download a print-friendly PDF of this ReCap.

Awards & Recognition

The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education congratulated student Nelson McConnell for receiving the Kansas Department of Commerce 2021 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his Flavorades drinks (See YouTube Video).

Nelson’s Flavorades got its start back in 2018, and has been quenching the taste buds of hundreds ever since. With flavors like black cherry, watermelon, orange pomegranate, and even strawberry, Nelson’s reviews have been nothing but positive. Nelson is 11 years old and attends Gloria Willis Middle School.

Nelson credits his mom, dad, and grandma for their continued support and the business’s success.


Dr. Anna Stubblefield, Superintendent of Schools read a statement in response to the incident that occurred at FL Schlagle High School involving three students. She also briefly covered the following topics:

  • The Reasons to Believe Honoree event,
  • Listening and Learning Sessions,
  • Buildings of the Month acknowledgements,
  • Upcoming Vaccination Event, 

KCK Library

That the Kansas City Board of Education accept as an information item the Kansas City, Kansas Public Library’s Director’s Report as submitted by Ms. Carol Levers, Director of Libraries.

Carol provided an update on the programs and outreach activities for the month of October. The library is working in collaboration with the Unified Government to build a relationship with libraries located in Croatia. Levers also shared with Board about an upcoming zoom event featuring author Dawn Turner on December 2 at 7:00 pm. Turner is the author of Three Girls from Bronzeville: A Uniquely American Memoir of Race, Fate, and Sisterhood.

Consent Agenda

Motion was made and approved to accept the consent agenda. 

New Business

Cellular Telephone Provider Agreement-Verizon Wireless

The Board of Education accepted as an informational item, the Cellular Telephone Provider Agreement from Verizon Wireless submitted by Wayne Correll, Director of Purchasing. The current cellular telephone provider for the District is Sprint, soon to be
T-Mobile by recent merger. Verizon was the district’s previous cell phone provider for over 13 years. Establishment of cellular telephone service with Verizon Wireless will upgrade all devices, improve signal quality, address issues related to billing and customer service.

Enrollment and Budget Update

The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education accept as an informational item the Enrollment and Budget update as Submitted by Tracy Kaiser, Executive Director of Business Operations, Keli Tuschman, Chief of Human Resources 

September 20th is the annual student count day. This day determines what our budget will be for the current year and assists in determining staffing needs at the schools.  The official student count will be audited by KSDE

Graduation 2022 Information

The School Board accept this written report as an information item regarding Graduation 2022.This information details dates, times, and venues for Graduation 2022. Proposals include a weekend option along with weekday options. This will give our families and community information regarding graduation to be able to plan properly. In addition, looking at options that are indoor will prevent rescheduling due to a rain and/or inclement weather. 

Ratified Agreement between USD 500 and NEA-KC

The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education approve the ratified agreement with the National Education Association-KCK for the 2021-22 school year. This Agreement is the result of good faith collective negotiations which have been conducted under the requirements of and directives of the Professional Negotiations Act (K.S.A. 72-2218 et seq.).

Board Reports

K-3 Amplify CKLA Reading Program

Board of Education accepted an update on the K-3 Reading Program Pilot and the CKLA K-3 Reading Resource as an information item. Beginning in the Spring of 2021, Alli Rice, Elementary ELA Curriculum Coach, began the resource adoption process for a K-3 literacy resource that aligns with the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards and the Structured Literacy components supporting foundational reading skills. With the support of teacher cadres, Alli narrowed the Fall resource pilot to two reading programs, Amplify CKLA and McGraw-Hill Open Court.

These resources should also provide a cumulative scope and sequence of skills and provide students with rigorous grade-level texts while also scaffolding and intervening for those who read below grade-level.

Fall Academic and Discipline Data

KCKPS is working to ensure that 100% of our students graduate with a Diploma+ by 2031. This informational item outlines district-level fall data from Fastbridge Reading, Fastbridge Math, ACT trend and Big 5 discipline data.

To achieve this goal part of the focus for 2021-22 will consist of:

  • Behavioral and Social Emotional Learning embedded throughout the day and year
    • Trauma-sensitive and resilient schools
  • Use of District provided social-emotional curriculum and resources
  • Culturally relevant, inclusive, and sustaining practices

Research states that supporting the whole child (instructional, behavioral social, and emotional) leads to the greatest success for students individually and collectively.

Board Updates and Approvals

Bond Information Update

Dr. Ralph Teran provided an update on the 2016 Bond Budget Update. A list of possible Bond Balance Projects totaling $6,787,371 was also presented:

School Name/Mascot Change Committee

The Board of Education will form a committee from the respective schools and their community to discuss and present recommendations to the Board regarding name and mascot changes for Mark Twain Elementary, Arrowhead Middle School and Fairfax/White Church.

Timeline for making Recommendations to the Board-

  • November /December 2021- Accepting Applications for the Committee
  • January/February/March 2021 – Committee Meets
  • March 2021 -Recommendations provided to the Board of Education

Policy Review

Accept KASB Policy Updates as a First Read

The documents provided by KASB are the first set of 2021 policy updates to their recommended policies. These June 2021 policy recommendations include a few changes to address recent school district legal and policy issues. The following policy recommendations have been edited and revised by the KASB Legal/Policy Services staff.

The Board of Education voted to approve these changes/updates.