Curriculum & Instruction

A guaranteed and viable curriculum (GVC) is a mechanism through which all students have an equal opportunity (time and access) to learn rigorous standards. GVCs ensure horizontal as well as vertical content alignment from one grade level to the next. Pacing guides within the GVCs identify when each standard is addressed in the curriculum, which supports educators with standards-based planning. Standards-based planning, using the GVC paired with research-based instructional strategies from the KCK Model of Instruction, promotes equity, giving all children an equal opportunity to learn rigorous, essential content. At its essence, a GVC represents the core non-negotiables of student learning. When implemented with fidelity, it’s what schools and teachers commit to providing for all students.

The Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) Department is dedicated to providing the GVCs and additional resources to make those non-negotiables a reality. In addition, the C&I team guides and supports Instructional Coaches and teachers in implementing the instructional strategies necessary for our students to learn.

The Curriculum and Instruction Department is located within the Instructional Resource Center on the first floor of the Central Office and Training Center. You can reach us at 913.279.2289.