KCKPS Privacy Policy

Media Waiver/Internet Publishing

Throughout the school year, different media groups (television stations, local newspapers, school production classes, district communications staff, etc.) will produce stories about activities and events happening in the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools. These articles may include photographs and video that may be posted on the Internet, or printed or aired on television and cable stations. In addition, schools or the district may want to include news about activities and events on their own websites.

Parents who DO NOT want their child(ren) to be photographed or videotaped for news media or school publicity purposes, should complete a “Media Opt-Out Form .pdf.” Completed forms should be returned to your school’s front office so the school has a record of your request.

District photographers will make every reasonable effort to identify the primary subjects in photographs and to not publish photos containing students on the opt-out list. The “Media Opt-Out Form” will be good for the current school year.

This policy relates to classroom activities or school events that are not already open to the public. Public events such as sporting events, theatre productions, etc. are considered open to the public and outside photographers and videographers are not governed by this policy.

Other Consent Forms: