Andres M. Dominguez

2015 Reasons to Believe Alumni Honor Roll

Andres Dominguez Portrait

J.C. Harmon High School, 1977

Other Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools Attended: Argentine Junior/Senior High.

Andres Dominguez loves being involved in meaningful work that supports and guides people. And he is proud to be doing it in the community where he grew up. Dominguez is a program officer with the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City. His work entails providing resources to promote quality health for the uninsured and underserved.

All of his life he has worked in the nonprofit sector. After graduating from the University of Saint Mary with a degree in public administration, he got a job with Dismas House, a resettlement project for refugees. It was close to his heart. His mother was born in Mexico, and his father’s ancestors were immigrants. He said his own personal immigrant experience is something that he treasures because it makes him appreciate and value this country.

He is perhaps most proud of his work with the Kauffman Foundation’s Project Choice program. It was a dropout prevention and scholarship program aimed at Kansas City’s urban students. Students were promised a full scholarship to the college of their choice if they finished high school. He still sees the impact of his work there today. It’s not uncommon for him to hear from former students who were involved. The most powerful thing is seeing the generational change that has taken place in many of their families.

“When I look back, it is without a doubt, the most heartfelt experience, emotionally and professionally, that I could have ever been given,” he said.

Looking back on his years in the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools, he is thankful to have had the opportunity to engage with students of different cultures and backgrounds. His high school history teacher, Bruce Eighmey, got him interested in public affairs and challenged him to think outside of his comfort zone. It’s why he does the work he does today.

“When I look at my own interests today, I lay a lot of that on those teachers who were instrumental in guiding me into thinking about not just me, but the larger discussion about who we are as a community,” Dominguez said.