Anna Lu Brune

2013 Reasons to Believe Alumni Honor Roll

Anna Lu Brune Portrait

Washington High School, 1948

Life is about family, community and education for Anna Lu Brune. She believes in giving of yourself to those you love and to the community that raised you, and she has high expectations when it comes to education, moral values and commitment.

Her family’s ties to the Kansas City, Kansas community are strong. She and her husband are KCK Public School graduates, as are their five daughters. And now their grandchildren are making their way through the school system.

She has fond memories of her years as a student in KCKPS. She still carries with her the high expectations of her teachers and the life lessons they taught her. She remembers the camaraderie among her classmates that lent itself to a loving and supportive atmosphere.

Brune’s career emulated her mother’s. She spent 40 years working at the County Treasurer’s Office. Her first job was typing license applications, and soon she was promoted to a supervisor. She served during the time of the initial automation of vehicle records and constantly strived to provide higher and higher levels of customer service.

Brune believes that, “idle hands are the work of the devil,” so she continues to give her gifts of time and talent in any way she can.

She is known countywide for her professional quilt-making ability. She has handcrafted countless quilts for fundraisers for nonprofit organizations, and she has given them as gifts to many of her grandchildren’s teachers.

She has been a lifelong supporter of the PTA and she frequently steps in to volunteer or give financial support when she sees the need. When her granddaughter’s class could not afford a yearbook, she organized the effort to publish one. And when the Schlagle High School band needed travel funding, she helped.

Her advice for today’s students is, “Play it straight; follow the rules.”