Darrell Stuckey

2015 Reasons to Believe Alumni Honor Roll

Darrell Stuckey Portrait

Washington High School, 2005

Other Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools Attended: Stony Point North Elementary, Arrowhead Middle.

Darrell Stuckey believes that success is a result of small habits preparing us for a moment of opportunity. He has lived his life preparing himself for the next opportunity, and seizing it.

Stuckey is a safety for the NFL’s San Diego Chargers. Now in his sixth season, he is one of the team’s fastest players and an all-around talent on special teams. In the 2014 season, he was voted special teams captain for the third year in a row, and he played in his first Pro Bowl.

Stuckey was a multi-talented athlete when he was growing up. He played baseball, basketball, football and ran track. His first college visit was to the University of Kansas. When he was a student at Arrowhead Middle School, as a reward, one of his teachers took the top students in her class to KU. They attended “Late Night with Roy Williams,” the official opening event for the basketball season. It was a life-changing experience for him. He had an opportunity to play professional baseball out of high school, but when KU offered him a full football scholarship, he knew that was where he was supposed to be.

Another experience that made a long-term impact on Stuckey’s life was attending a Fellowship of Christian Athletes camp one summer during high school. His English teacher helped him secure a scholarship. He remains active in the organization today.

Off the field, Stuckey is dedicated to his family and his community. He regularly gives motivational speeches and has hosted a number of free football camps for youth in San Diego and Kansas City, Kansas.

He said he never counted on being drafted by the NFL when he was playing college ball. In fact, he was working hard to prepare himself for a future in the business world. He double majored in communications studies and African American studies, and built up an impressive resume that included making the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll and serving as a student senator.

“My B plan all along was to play football, but my A plan was to graduate, be a leader on the field, and be a good citizen and man,” he said. Obviously, he has done both and done them well.