Dr. Larry Englebrick

2005 Reasons to Believe Alumni Honor Roll

Larry Englebrick Portrait

Wyandotte High School, 1973

Larry Englebrick believes students in the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools deserve the same opportunities and support that were available to him when he was growing up in the district. And during his 27 years as an educator and administrator, he has worked to make this happen.

In his current position as assistant superintendent of business services, Englebrick supervises a large number of district programs and departments that encompass everything from counseling services to finance. His accomplishments have been many, though he is modest about taking credit for them. He supervised the district’s historical Bond Project, a three-year $120-million community supported plan that resulted in upgrading and air conditioning all district buildings, and enhancing technology.

In-house, he may be best known for his support of bringing special education students into public school settings. This came to fruition when he was principal at J.C. Harmon High School. He collaborated with the Wyandotte Comprehensive Special Education Cooperative and invited a group of trainable mentally handicapped students into the school; other groups then followed suit. The benefits were huge for the entire student population.

Englebrick is active in a number of community organizations that support children, including School Linked Services, Kansas City, Kansas Downtown Kiwanis and the Juniper Gardens Children’s Project.

Growing up, college wasn’t always Englebrick’s aspiration. On his graduation day from Wyandotte High, his orchestra teacher, Donald Lowe, asked him what his plans were for the fall. When Englebrick said he wasn’t sure, Lowe stepped in. He secured a scholarship for Englebrick at Kansas City, Kansas Community College. Today, Englebrick has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and both a master’s and doctorate in education. Lowe gave him a reason to believe in himself.

Englebrick believes that education is an empowering tool that enables individuals to achieve accomplishments that they never thought possible. “Education provides opportunities to create reality out of dreams,” he said.