Janelle Albertson, APR

2005 Reasons to Believe Alumni Honor Roll

Janelle Albertson portrait

Sumner Academy of Arts and Science, 1983

Janelle Albertson learned at an early age the value of having a good education. Growing up in a family of educators, she was surrounded by it, and lived it day in and day out. It was only natural that her career path would lead her to this familiar territory.

Albertson is the director of the communications division for the Adams 12 Five Star Schools, located north of Denver. She’s been working in school public relations for 18 years, and her passion for the field shows.

She has actively promoted public education at the state and local levels and has worked to integrate the public relations functions throughout her many organizations. She’s been an invited presenter for conferences around the nation speaking on issues such as communicating accountability issues and creating a culture to attract and motivate quality staff. She has served on several executive boards, including being named a vice president of the National School Public Relations Association.

Albertson said she counts her blessings every day for the teachers and administrators in the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools who guided and shaped her future. “Now I see the tangible results of their influence,” she said.

The programs and activities available to her through the district, Albertson said, provided her with valuable experiences and opportunities, and she credits the district’s leadership for its vision.

Albertson believes education unlocks many doors of opportunity and gives you resources to enable you to continually move forward in life.

Her advice for today’s students is, “Take advantage of the opportunities around you such as extra-curricular programs. They can provide the spark for an undiscovered interest you may have which can lead to a rewarding career.” Most of all, she wants students to make lifelong learning a priority. “If you do, you’ll continue to grow personally and professionally,” she said.