Jason Weiser

2007 Reasons to Believe Alumni Honor Roll

Jason Weiser Portrait

Washington High School, 1992
Jason Weiser helps companies develop and execute strategic growth initiatives, from idea to inception, sourcing and managing the solution from start to finish. He is the CEO of BGPI Consulting, a firm that specializes in strategic business designs through information systems. He thrives on the constant challenges his work provides.

Weiser said it was “unwarranted optimism” from his DECA adviser and football coach, Rich Piper, that gave him reasons to believe in himself while he was a student at Washington High School. During his junior year, Weiser got married and was expecting his first child. He wondered how he would provide for himself and his family. He said Piper guided him and never gave up on him, and today he is very grateful.

Upon graduating from high school, Weiser enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. One of his main responsibilities was disarming bombs. He served in Operation Desert Storm, and Operations Southern and Northern Watch, as well as Korea. For his commitment and expertise, he was named Logistics Airman of the Year in 1999.

While in the Air Force he completed a bachelor’s degree in business at Western New England College, and graduate studies at Harvard and Regis University focusing on an MBA and political science. Today he is active in the Air Force Reserves as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer, and serves this role with pride. He has completed tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2002, the Reserves named him mobilization officer of the year, and in 2006 he was the Company Grade Officer for the Afghanistan Theater.

“This nation paid for my education and training therefore the least I can do is serve them as a reservist,” he said.

He still keeps in touch with Piper and has visited his alma mater many times over the years, giving advice to students to help them prepare for their futures.