Jay Scott-Harris

2011 Reasons to Believe Alumni Honor Roll

Jay Scott-Harris Portrait

Wyandotte High School, 1994

Aware and involved might be the two words that best describe Jay Scott-Harris. Throughout his life, he has opened his mind to the possibilities around him, and he has worked to “pay it forward” in a spirit of gratitude for what he has been given.

The summer before his junior year of high school, Scott-Harris applied for a Summer Institute sponsored by Colby College (in Waterville, Maine) and the Xerox Corporation. It was only the second time in his life that he had traveled outside of KCK. But the trip was one that would have lasting impact on his life.

The two-week program took him to his first college campus, his first trip to the east coast. This helped him to realize that anything was possible for his future, if he just took advantage of the opportunities available to him. He graduated from high school with enough scholarships to go to any college he wanted. He chose Colby.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in English and creative writing and established a life for himself on the east coast. In 2005, he received his master’s degree in finance from Boston College. Today, he is a senior legal product specialist for Putnam Investments.

Throughout his journey in life, Scott-Harris has continued to aspire to better his life and the lives of others around him. During his first year of college, he was awarded the Lelia M. Forster Award for exhibiting outstanding service and high character and ideals. He has taught stock market courses to inner-city middle school students and also has served as a writing coach and mentor to them. He has been involved in the Youth Partners Program and the Direct Giving Committee at his company.

He encourages today’s students to think outside the box and explore all the options available to them.