Kevin Kelley, Ph.D.

2011 Reasons to Believe Alumni Honor Roll

Kevin Kelley Portrait

Argentine High School, 1972

He’s one of the men behind the plan to consolidate the city and county governments in Kansas City, Kansas.

In 1993, Kevin Kelley sat down with his friend, Mike Jacobi, to brainstorm about this idea, and a plan was born. But he didn’t realize that this idea would ignite a fire to change the entire community. It took four years, and the result is today’s Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas.

Kelley is all about community. He was raised in KCK, and has lived all of his adult years here, with exception of three years when he served in the Marine Corp. out of high school.

He spent 10 years as the owner and manager of the KCK company, IPAC Corporation, a manufacturer of industrial adhesives, glues and coatings. He sold the company in 1995 to pursue his dream of working in higher education.

He spent five years as the vice president and dean of instruction at Donnelly College. He pushed to help students of low-income families obtain degrees.

Currently, he works as the director of business and community development for Metropolitan Community College. He provides training to company employees and individuals to help them upgrade their work skills.

Kelley grew up in a large family, and worked while he was in high school. One of the jobs he was particularly drawn to was working with youth at the local community center, mentoring and tutoring them. He knows that is why he is drawn to the field of education today.

He credits the KCK Public Schools for setting the groundwork for his future. He remembers a number of teachers who encouraged him and kept him focused on learning.

He wants today’s students to know that a lack of education can put limits on their futures.

A Question and Answer Video of Kevin Kelley has been posted on SchoolTube (Time: 5:21).