Lowell Brune

2011 Reasons to Believe Alumni Honor Roll

Lowell Brune Portrait

Washington High School, 1948

Lowell Brune can’t go many places in the community without running into someone he knows. It’s not just because he’s grown up in this community. It’s because he has been actively supporting Wyandotte County and its students and residents for most of his adult life.

He was part of the Citizen’s Advisory Commission that helped unify several school districts to form the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools in the 1960s. And he helped establish the Wyandotte County Sports Association. He spent more than 30 years coaching youth bowling as a certified bowling instructor, and he traveled throughout the state holding clinics to train others. For the past 10 years, he has hosted “Mr. Brune’s Lunch Bunch” at White Church Elementary (his alma mater), mentoring students.

Brune grew up during the height of the Depression and because his family was financially challenged, he worked throughout high school. He remembers being an average student who was careful not to draw attention to himself.

After graduating, he took a job with the CertainTeed Corp. and during that first year, he came to the realization that high school had absolutely prepared him for his future. He was doing factory work and questioned the specification of a product based on the “formula for density” taught to him by his physics teacher at Washington High School. His attention to this helped the company correct a manufacturing error and soon Brune was moving up the ladder. He had a 43-year career with the company.

Brune has been married to his high school sweetheart for 63 years and he is proud to be from a family that has brought four generations through the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools.

His advice for today’s students is: absorb everything you can, read everything you can and listen carefully to your teachers.

A Question and Answer Video of Lowell Brune has been posted on SchoolTube (Time: 8:57).