Megan Randle-Robinson

2013 Reasons to Believe Alumni Honor Roll

Megan Randle-Robinson Portrait

Washington High School, 1999

Dreams do come true. Megan Randle-Robinson has achieved many of the goals she dreamed about growing up, and she still has more to fulfill.

Staying focused, believing in herself and working hard have been the keys to her success. She wants students to know that it’s possible to achieve anything they set their minds on.

Randle-Robinson is an intensive care registered nurse and a nursing instructor. She loves building trusting relationships with her patients and students by leading, guiding and nurturing them.

Growing up, she was drawn to the visual image of a professional uniform. While she didn’t know exactly what field she wanted to pursue, she knew it would be one where she wore a uniform. She saw uniforms as garnering respect. She also knew she wanted to have a career that enabled her to give back to the community that raised her.

Randle-Robinson faced a number of challenges growing up, including homelessness and being raised in a single parent family. She learned from these experiences, and she knew she could make her life what she wanted it to be, if she worked hard.

She said, “Just because you’re up doesn’t mean you can’t come tumbling down. So I take where I am today, and look to the future. Looking back where I was also makes me able to focus on where I am going.”

She believes her greatest accomplishment is finishing nursing school. Having her nursing degree opened many doors, and it has allowed her to pass on her legacy and make a difference in the lives of her patients, students and co-workers.

Randle-Robinson has received a number of recognitions for her excellent work. Providence Medical Center honored her with the Nurse of Distinction Award in 2011, and the Florence Nightingale Award in 2012.